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    Head Coach Scott Linehan, August 5

    Head Coach Scott Linehan
    August 5, 2008

    (Opening Remarks)
    It was good work. Its really good weather to practice in. I know it is going to be warmer down there, who has any idea what the weather is going to be. It was nice; it had some humidity to it. Our guys got a lot of mental work yesterday, but without the physical work, but we ran them pretty good today. You know we are ready to go. Weve got a lot of things to get done to get down there. A lot of guys to get packed and ready to go, and so we get our first test of how we can travel right now.

    (On WR Dane Lookers versus the other young wide receivers)
    Well Dane is Dane. I dont know any other way to describe him. The guy just knows every position. He could kick if we had to. He could punt if we had to. I mean the guys value really is no limit to him. Hes doing a great job in the receiver spot, handling all the positions and basically being ready to step in wherever needed.

    (On WR Dane Looker being challenged every year and stepping up)
    Im sure hes got a little of bit Rodney Dangerfield kind of feeling sometimes. You know sometimes you get labeled a utility man or whatever, a holder. I mean Dane is everything. I mean hes not really, I dont think it is fair to say that any of that, I think he is a really, really good football player.

    (On the benefits of working against another team)
    Well, first of all they have a different defensive structure, so offensively we are lining up against somebody that plays kind of a different philosophy. They have a different offensive philosophy, so you get to see some things that maybe not seeing against our own offense. So I think what it does is it gives us another phase that we can work on without just playing the preseason game, but in a controlled environment. The whole idea is that it ups the competitive level of practice. Theres no Knute Rocknes needed. You got out there, you are ready to go. You are also able to get real quality work, especially with your first couple units because of the controlled environment. You dont really worry too much about how many snaps they might have on a particular day. Its just like another practice.

    (On the benefits of working out with Tennessee in terms of individual work)
    You are servicing each other competitively and personnel wise. That all factors into it, and I think thats why the teams that do it really feel the benefit of it. I think the teams that dont do it are worried about the fights and the injuries and all that stuff. But, if youve got the right kind of group, and I know (Head Coach) Jeff (Fisher) pretty well and I know hes done it for a lot of years, he understands what you want to get done from a couple of days of work like that. Our goal is to get better as a football team and then get ready to play our first preseason game and get a lot of things done in these three days.

    (On looking forward to going to Tennessee)
    Its great timing right now, its about that time where you need to turn the page to something. Preseason has officially started and were one of the last first games. A lot of teams, I think are playing even Thursday and Friday and were playing Saturday. Its taken us awhile to get here, and were kind of accelerating that a little bit by working against Tennessee, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

    (On what the players will be doing this afternoon prior to their departure)
    Some guys have time to get some lifts. We have a little bit of time. Were not going to meet this afternoon, so they can do that. We have to get treatment, get a good treatment today; utilize the facility. But, really do a good job of getting hydrated and getting a good meal and our first test of how we travel, sticking with the plan and all those things. Its here, as far as our first break at camp.

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    Re: Head Coach Scott Linehan, August 5

    I am actually fairly ambivalent when it comes to Linehan as a coach, but man, that guy is somewhat of a less than focused when it comes to being interviewed. He's all over the map.

    I get into stream of conscienceness monologues as much as the next guy, but so many times I find myself thinking "What did he just (or actually) say?

    Eloquent, he ain't. Makes Yogi Berra look like Bill Buckley, may he rest in peace. There was someone who was fun to listen to.

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