Head Coach Scott Linehan

Friday, October 13, 2006

(Opening statement)

An update on the injury situation. I think its about the same as yesterday. Well make a game time decision on Fahkir . Hes probably the more questionable of the two. Didnt do much today, but could play if we needed him to. Weve got a couple of options in the secondary that we may use on Sunday. Really no change there. The line position, again, will be a gameday decision between Brandon and Tony . Well make that decision based on todays practice, and one of them will be up, and the other one will be down. Claude will be up though.

(On CB Travis Fishers status)

Travis looked good. He got some work in today. Well see how he feels. Im going to go in and talk to the trainers, talk to Travis, and get an update. He felt good before, and looked good during practice. We limited Fahkir a little bit more because his heels a little bit more tender.

(On CB Fahkir Browns treatment)

Hes getting a lot of treatment. Hes really good at that. Its just not pain free. Its in a spot where its real hard for him to plant on that. Its just in a real painful spot on his foot.

(On the location of Browns ankle injury)

Its more downits his ankle, down kind of by his heel.

(On his plan for the cornerback position)

Again, our secondary depth is something that we feel is a strength. We were able to overcome some of those problems that we had last week, and have guys like Jerametrius Butler be able to step in and play well for us. We feel very confident with the group that were going to put out there on Sunday.

(On the decision between Hargrove and Green)

Were going to use Claude . Hes had a good week. Theyve all really, actually, worked very hard. It was very competitive. In all fairness, last week Brandon was a little more likely to be down because hed had some pain in his foot. He wasnt able to practice full speed. But hes had a good week, as Tony has. The things were going to do, defensively, it looks like well probably have Claude up and make a decision Sunday betweenbecause it is a very competitive situation between Tony and Brandon.

(On being pleased with DE Victor Adeyanju performance)

Victors improved daily, weekly. Hes done a really good job.

WR Torry Holt

(On winning this weeks game)

I think its big for us to go up two (games) in the division. Theyre the top dogs in the division and everybody else in the division is chasing them. We know its going to be tough battle, but for us to be able to come out of there with a win is huge, its very huge for this football team.

(On Seattle being the Rams big rival)

I guess so. Im just focused on us and where we are, how we can improve, and what position we can put ourselves in at the end of this game. But I guess, over the past few years this has built up a rivalry. You kind of know that, but at the same time its a game, its a division opponent, we have to win it, they have to win it. We know its going to be tough and were just going to go out there and fight.

(On why the games against Seattle have been so well-played in recent years)

I think when we play each other we definitely get their A game and I think they get our A game. Its those types of battles all the way to the end, youre going to have some comebacks and youre going to have some blowouts. I think those are going to happen between the two teams because again, were getting each others A game. I think its great competition for us. This is a new football team and a lot of guys havent been here and dont know the extent of this rivalry. I think itll be a playoff atmosphere for us and a lot of us on this football team need that.

(On what this weeks game against Seattle means to him)

I look at it as us having an opportunity to play another game and play our division. Its good for us to make a statement within the division that we are a new football team and we are heading in a new direction. All of the other stuff is going to come; thats just how it is. I think this football team is doing a good job. I think the approach that weve taken this week has been good. Everybody has been low-key, everybodys been working hard, paying close attention to detail, and been preparing well. We finished up great today and hopefully we can carry that over to Sunday.

(On the Rams only being focused on their next game and not looking too far into the future)
I think Coach Linehan has come in and put an emphasis on that, (by saying) Lets go game by game and not get overly excited about the big picture. Ive been in this league long enough and Ive been at the highs and Ive been at the lows so I know that you just have to keep chipping away at it. Hopefully the end result for us at the end of the year is great. What were doing right now is big, but its going to be even bigger as the season goes.

(On preferring to be at Rams Park after a win)

Oh yeah it is, without a doubt. Last year was tough. It was wild around here last year. There were times when you would second-guess and say, Do I want to get over there in that building? but you have to come in and you have to work. But now its a lot more fun. Winning does a lot for everybody and right now thats what were doing. Hopefully we can continue winning and keep this happy-go-lucky atmosphere.

(On Seattles secondary)

Ive always respected their secondary, (Marcus) Trufant, (Ken) Hamlin, its good to see him back and I think hes playing with a great deal of focus; probably more focused than Ive ever seen him play. (Michael) Boulware is a hitter. Hes always been a hitter and hes playing extremely well. (Kelly) Herndon (is there) and then they have the (Kelly) Jennings kid that they drafted from Miami whos a darn good player and is playing well as a rookie. I think their secondary is good. I think theyll challenge us, as they always have. Theyll challenge us on Sunday for four quarters, so we have to be ready and be on top of our game and try to make things happen.

(On the caliber of cornerbacks the Rams receivers have been going up against this season)

Weve been having some work. Champ (Bailey) in the first week, then (Antrel) Rolle out in Arizona, then (Dre) Bly, (Al) Harris, and (Charles) Woodson. We wont come up on any (lousy cornerbacks). The way our schedule is set, we will not come up on any (lousy corners), and there arent any lousy corners in the league. But (Marcus) Trufants transition is incredible. He has good feet, great awareness, and good ball instincts; the same thing with (Kelly) Herndon. So, well be challenged. I guess the only lousy corner Ill come up against is Bye Week.

(On being approached by people who own him in fantasy leagues)

I get quite a bit. People ask me how Im doing and how Im feeling. Theyll say that they need me this week; they just drafted me, or how many touchdowns I think Ill score, or how Marc (Bulger) is feeling, or how the offense is doing. When I hear those types of things I know they are heavy into the fantasy leagues and I get it quite a bit.

(On if the popularity of fantasy football surprised him)

Im not amazed or overwhelmed by how big fantasy football is because there are a lot of people out there that wanted to play football and never had the opportunity for whatever reason. There are a lot of people that love the game of football and this is the closest they can get to the game, so Im not surprised at all about how its taken off. If I wasnt playing in the NFL, Id probably be involved in fantasy football.

(On what he says to people that tell that hes on their fantasy team)

I always say Im going to try my best. Another thing I say is, Youre putting a lot of pressure on me.