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    Head Coach Scott Linehan, July 31st

    Head Coach Scott Linehan
    July 31, 2008

    (Opening Remarks)
    “Just a couple things, we have a couple guys that were back in the lineup today, CB Tye Hill and WR Drew Bennet. This is about the time, this is kind of the hump, start getting guys back that were missing because of bumps and bruises. So, that’s really where we’re at in camp. There’s really nothing else to update you on as far as any of that goes.

    (On the competition at the third quarterback spot)
    “It’s going very good, both guys are getting pretty much equal reps and both really have some nice attributes about their game. We’re going to do a little scrimmage this Saturday. That’ll be really the start of it and the true evaluation when it comes to how they’re going to play in game-like situations. There are going to be plenty of snaps in preseason.”

    (On the offense looking more “crisp” today)
    “Well, I think so and you know we’re still battling through some things. I think we’re down to one tight end there in team and that’s the way it’s going to be. You just have to make adjustments. Guys got to go, get a little bounce in their step and it was good. Defense is still doing some very good things. I’m really happy with both sides. It’s nice to see (K) Josh (Brown) get some work out here; looked like he’s getting some good rhythm with (P) Donnie (Jones) and the field goals. So, we’re taking it day by day; we’re improving it.

    (On if CB Tye Hill and WR Drew Bennett are ahead of schedule in returning to the field)
    We just kept them out. They’re both pretty sore and we just felt like they were. It’s really indefinite this time of year. Just kind of on how guys feel and respond to treatment. Both felt much better this morning so, it was a one-a-day, so they were able to get a lot of work done.”

    (On if they drained WR Drew Bennett’s knee)
    “No, we just treated it; it’s the kind of thing where it’s two-a-day swelling you know.”

    (On if he is where he wanted to be a week in to camp)
    “My expectations are we are going to improve everyday. So the answer is ‘yes’ and we’ve improved in a lot of ways. So exactly where you want to be, if we said, ‘hey we want to be here on this day’, I wanted to be better than we were when we got here and we are.”

    (On his experience at Concordia so far)
    “This is outstanding and very, very good. The people here have been unbelievable. They just bend over backwards for everybody and it’s just a great place to be for camp. “

    (On if players were fresher after meetings were cancelled last night)
    “Maybe, maybe. I think that helps…It’s nice to get away from the constant evaluating by their coaches. So, I think that’s all part of camp too, you kind of rejuvenate and refresh. I always think that afternoon practice on a one-a-day, after you go two hard practices are always, generally, kind of a little fresher too and they got a little extra last night. So, no they’re doing it the right way and I think they’re really coming out with a real determination to improve.”

    (On if the team got a break with today’s cooler weather)
    “I guess so. I’ve kind of quit following the weather and just taken it for granted. So, this has been pretty nice.”

    (On if the team responsed to pushing them to finish yesterday’s afternoon practice)
    “No question. Yesterday, it’s a tough day, everybody’s going through camp; we’re not the only ones. But, the biggest things for us are we’re pushing ourselves through a lot of things that can be distracting. Whether we’re tired, we’re sore, some guys are hurt, some guys are taking every snap and that’s what football is. You train yourself for the season; they’re in training camp and you can’t do that during OTAs you can’t even begin to do that and this is where you get tougher as a team. “

    (On if camp is the time to develop mental toughness)
    “No question, we started it from day one and it’s easy the first day we’re out and everyone is pretty lively and has a lot of spunk to them. But you get into this time and you just kind of find out what people are made of and this is where you develop that. And your leaders obviously have been through it. They’ve got to do it and they’ve got to bring everybody with them. I think we’re doing a very good job of that. And I think part of it is, this isn’t easy, we’re away from home, we’re doing things very regimented as far as a training camp is. And we’re pushing everybody through it and I think we’re getting exactly what we wanted accomplished.”

    (On knowing the fine line between pushing the players through things and pushing them too far)
    “It’s a gut feeling. I’ve been coaching a number of years, so I’ve always felt like there is a time when you kind of see where you get diminished returns, so, you say this is about the time. And then there’s a time, where you have to look and say ‘hey we could be just starting the fourth quarter of a game, we may not feel so good about ourselves, where you have to push guys through it and not just, always try and take care of each other, you have to push guys through things and know that the reward will be, just gutting it out and finishing the game. I felt we didn’t do very well last year. It’s no secret that our fourth quarter was what it was. That’s really what our focus is in camp, it’s not just getting better, it’s getting better as we practice and finishing each day better than we start.”

    (On comparing tiring practices to last year’s game against the Dallas Cowboys)
    “It’s a very very good example and it was, you know, basically, game could have gone either way at halftime, and we just didn’t answer the bell in the second half. We kind of allowed that to happen.”

    (On WR Torry Holt)
    “I think Torry and (Offensive Coordinator) Al (Saunders), and (Wide Receivers Coach) Henry (Ellard) are managing him very very well. I think Torry came into camp feeling a lot better than he did a year ago. He’s able to come out here and work full speed, and we talked about it, you know with any rep he takes, we want it to be a real quality rep. It’s not just to have him out there. We want him out there going full speed. And if he can’t because he doesn’t feel well, we’ll work him in. But, he came into camp feeling way better and it’s helping because that’s important for the offense and the quarterback to have that timing.”

    (On WR Torry Holt as a leader)
    “I think Torry always has been a very good leader that way and has really worked hard at really working and helping the young guys. Because you know, he’s been through it. And we have really, more young receivers that we’re going to be counting on and so you really want to see that. He’s got to get himself ready too. There’s times when it helps to have him encouraging those guys, which he does a good job of that. “

    (On if players missing practices due to soreness and injury hurts their chances of making the team)
    “No, it’s part of football and you know at some point that person’s going to be back. The way you have to look at it is, someone’s getting an opportunity to get a chance to evaluate somebody else. We really haven’t completed our first true full week of training camp, so guys are in, guys are out, someone else steps in and we evaluate that player and that’s how I look at it. Everybody here has a chance at different levels of making this football team. Some guys take advantage of those snaps they’re getting. “

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    Re: Head Coach Scott Linehan, July 31st

    Punter Jones is going to be the holder on FG attempts????

    Looker is in deep doodoo me thinks.

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    Re: Head Coach Scott Linehan, July 31st

    Just me or did Liney sound a little sore about being down to ONE TE

    I can't believe D. Bennett is still hurt......... com on... I am so dead set against this guy. I am not giving him a chance, don't want to or care too. I think he was just a huge and I mean HUGE waste of money. But yet everyday I come on here with the deepest part of my mind hoping to see that he has turned around and become a starting quality WR... alas... I fret this will never happen... RIP RAMs great 1-2 WR combo... RIP.

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    Re: Head Coach Scott Linehan, July 31st

    Quote Originally Posted by itsguud View Post
    Just me or did Liney sound a little sore about being down to ONE TE

    LOL, now that you mention it... he did seem a little butt hurt over it.

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