Head Coach Scott Linehan

October 12, 2007

(Opening Remarks)

“There’s really nothing new from yesterday as far as the prospect of guys playing. Dante (Hall) is out and Isaac (Bruce) will be out as well. It will be a game-day decision on Corey (Chavous). It’s likely he will probably be available for next week’s game.”

(On QB Gus Frerotte’s ankle)

“He sprained it in the first series last week. That’s all it is. It’s a sprain. It’s hobbling him some, but he’s getting around okay. It’s not that serious.”

(On his ties to Ravens head coach Brian Billick)

“Our roots are strictly that I followed him, a few years apart, to Minnesota. We maintain a lot of the terminology there because of keeping things the same for the current players which is not that uncommon. I’m very familiar with a lot of his offensive concepts and things like that. I know him through mutual friends and other people that have coached with him, but I don’t know him and I never worked with him. I know a lot of him and I have a lot of respect for him.”

(On who will play in the defensive backfield)

“Right now we will probably have Todd Johnson in the backend. (Ron) Bartell will start at the other corner.”

(On where CB Lenny Walls was at practice)

“We had a transaction this morning. We had to officially add Claude Wroten, so was released this morning. I met with him on it prior to practice.”

(On the decision to release Walls)

“It was a tough decision. I really like Lenny. I think he brings a lot as far as a veteran that has played in this league. It’s real tough. It’s just based on where he was going to be on the roster. Having been through this so far this year with how much of an impact he would have on special teams, not on a lot of those, we decided to go another direction.”

(On if he’s heard why LB Will Witherspoon was fined by the NFL)

“No. I’m sure I got an email or a package on it. I don’t know the exact nature of it.”

(On if he thinks the fine was deserved)

“I certainly defend our players and I personally thought it was a very clean hit. I’m not the one that makes that judgment, so it probably doesn’t really matter.”

(On if the Rams are getting closer to figuring out how hard it is to win on the road)

“Not yet. I thought we did a real nice job of it last year. The veteran core players that have been here know what it’s like and how to win on the road. We just have to learn how to win first, road or home. This season is what we have to get done.”

WR Torry Holt

October 05, 2007

(On why he sat out of practice on Wednesday)

“I’m just managing the knee. I took a lot of reps last week. I did all of Wednesday, all of Thursday, all of Friday and played all of Sunday. I wanted to work hard last week to get some continuity with Gus (Frerotte) because of the change at the quarterback position. So I worked with him to get some continuity and kind of get a feel for ball and his decisions and stuff like that. I came out of the game on Sunday, I was a little sore. I was running on it obviously and falling on it and stuff like that, so I just wanted to be cautious and rest it on Wednesday which I was able to do and came back out and practiced yesterday and today. So everything is on schedule and I will be able to play on Sunday.”

(On if he has rested it during some of the past Wednesday practices)

“Yeah I’ve rested it from time to time as far as my reps and stuff like that. The coaches have done a good job of allowing me to rest the knee and putting guys in there to run particular plays that I really don’t need to run, plays that I have been running for a long time. This Wednesday I just really relaxed and rested up. Again it was good for me.”

(On what he tells a player like WR Marques Hagans as he prepares for his first extended action in a regular season game)

“I just try to encourage him. Make sure he is taking proper notes. Make sure he is watching the film properly and work on all the little things that he worked on during training camp and now he has an opportunity to see if it works. We really won’t know how Marques will do until after this game. This is really his first time to get real action.”

(On if this is a situation where Hagans can make a name for himself)

“Yeah. Absolutely and he knows that. It’s an opportunity for him to come in and play the same way he played in the preseason. Watching Marques in his preparation this week, his attention to detail has been good and has been getting better as the week went on. He will have some opportunities to make some plays and I think he will step up to the plate and make them. Once he gets it in his hands, it’s really going to be exciting watching him with the football in his hands.”

(On if he is looking forward to the match-up with Ravens CB Chris McAlister and if he thinks he will be shadowing him during the game)

“I really don’t know. I think when we played them the last time here he shadowed me pretty much. So it could be a situation where he will do that again this week. From my readings, Samari Rolle I think was going to try and play this week so they may just keep the corners on their particular side and play football. Either way they do it, I have to go out there and be prepared for McAlister if he shadows me. If not, then I just have to go out and still play and play my game and do what I can to help this football team get in a position to win the game.”

(On what type of player McAlister is)

“He is aggressive, physical, quick, tackles well and defends well. He presents a challenge. I say it every week, ‘Every week is a challenge for us.’” I think thus far with their defense and watching them on film and how they fly around, this is definitely one of our toughest tests from a defensive standpoint; one of the toughest defenses in the National Football League. It will be a challenge for us. We practiced pretty well this week, so it will be a matter of going and doing what we did in practice and, again, making it a reality on Sunday.”

(On how Ravens LB Ray Lewis has made himself into the player he is)

“Ray just plays with a lot of energy. He’s a guy that has tremendous amount of passion for the game of football. He eats, sweats and bleeds football. He’s very smart, too. He does a really good job of preparing himself for that upcoming team that particular week. He’s a riot when he’s (playing) at home. When he’s back in Baltimore that crowd is charged up, he’s charged up and that football team is charged. Ray has done a lot of things to stake the claim that he has right now in the National Football League and it’s well deserved.”

(On what kind of connection he has with QB Gus Frerotte)

“It’s been good. I thought last week in practice we did well and I thought last week in the game we hooked up very well. I’m expecting the same this week. It’s good to see a veteran like Gus who’s not really rattled or overwhelmed by the game. He’s been a starter in this league for a while, so he understands the game. He’s patient and at the same time he’s encouraging; he challenges guys in the huddle. I’m looking forward to another game with him this Sunday.”

(On if he anticipates that his knee problems will be something he deals with for the remainder of his career)

“Yeah, I’ve come to grips with that. That’s no secret. I think thus far I have a pretty good hold on things. I know my body very well. I think I’ve done a great job with my trainer and a great job with my weight to kind of shift some of the stress and strain off of my knee, which allows me to be a little bit lighter and little bit quicker. I think this will be something I’ll have to manage for the rest of my career, so I just take it day-to-day and year-to-year and hopefully put myself in a position where I can start a season and finish a season.”

(On what he draws from his experience as a member of the 2002 Rams, who started the season 0-5 before winning five consecutive games)

“We just kept fighting. We just kept believing that at some point we were going to get our break and we were going to get our turn. A lot of time all it takes is just getting that first win and getting recharged and reenergized and getting your sense of confidence and swagger back; saying, ‘Hey, we can win a game in the National Football League.’ I think that’s going to be the case with this football team; we have to get a win, then as we win we’ll slowly get some guys back, then the sky’s the limit. Anything can happen from that point on.”

(On the pass interference call against him at the end of the Arizona game)

“I guess the official saw something that was pass interference. I didn’t think that was the case. I started out on a dart (route) and the guy engaged me. a potential option on the play. That was the way the play was designed and then all of a sudden the guy approaches me so my natural instinct was he’s seeing the ball being thrown and caught, so he’s trying to come through me. My next instinct is to block him and hold him off. It was just one of those calls where I guess he felt I was in violation, but I didn’t think I was and I let him know it.”

(On Cardinals CB Eric Green lobbying for the call)

“Yeah he did. (He said,) ‘He’s holding! He’s holding me!’ He got the call. I was in the wrong, so I have to improve on that.”

(On Ravens S Ed Reed)

“Ed Reed is phenomenal. He’s definitely, if not the best free safety in the National Football League, a guy with incredible range, incredible instincts. He’s also one, with Ray (Lewis) and the other guys on the defense, who studies their opponent and knows their opponent and what they like to do. He’ll present a challenge for us and if you’re not careful and you’re not on top of your game he’ll knock you out, too. I look forward to going up against a guy like Ed Reed who will really challenge you to be on top of your game and really step your game up.”