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    Head Coach Scott Linehan October 15, 2007

    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    October 15, 2007

    (Opening Remarks)

    “Ron Bartell has a right thumb (injury) that should be fine. We’ll have him tape it or do some things like that. I don’t know exactly the extent. I have not gotten a full synopsis on what that is, but he did hurt his thumb. He played with it so it shouldn’t be a big deal. Drew Bennett has a right hamstring (injury). We will determine his fate for this game as the week goes on as we will all the players on the (injury) report. Brandon Chillar has a right calf that flared up on him by the end of the week last week, but he was able to play with it. I think he came out of the game okay. Brian Leonard has some ribs from the play he came out, but he went back in. Leonard Little has a right toe sprain that will hamper him some from practice. I don’t know how much that will affect him leading up to the game.

    “Brett Romberg has a left ankle sprain. The seriousness of it, we’ll determine that by Wednesday.”

    (On if he’s talked to head trainer Jim Anderson about a reason why there are so many injuries)

    “I think it’s unlucky. I have talked to him to see if there’s any correlation between the injuries we’re having – if we’re having them at home or on the road, but it’s about 50-50. A lot of them are injuries that happen because a guy planted wrong on the turf or got rolled up on on a PAT or field goal. In Drew’s (Bennett) case he’s had a problem with his quad, now it’s his hamstring. That one might be isolated a little bit different. Each one has been somewhat different. Brian Leonard gets hit on the ribs on a check down, yesterday. We’ve had our fair share. Certainly not anything we can focus on.”

    (On if the injuries are related to not playing a lot of the players during the preseason)

    “I think they played about the same as last year. We stayed really healthy. We only had five missed starts at this point last year. It’s a significant amount more (this year). The only player who obviously didn’t play as much as he did last year was Steven, but everyone else played about the same snaps.”

    (On if any of the players that sat out at Baltimore will be available against Seattle)

    “(Corey) Chavous we’re optimistic. (Isaac) Bruce we’re optimistic. Raonall Smith is further away and (Dane) Looker as well. Steven (Jackson), we’re going to kind of push him along and make a determination week-to-week. Since we haven’t done anything this week, I don’t really know.”

    (On pushing RB Steven Jackson a little more in practice)

    “He seemed to take to some good running rehab last week – and see if he can progress this week.”

    (On QB Marc Bulger playing against Seattle)

    “Marc will be cleared. Our intention is to start him this week. He should be close to 100 percent, before he hurt his ribs. If that’s the case then he’ll start.”

    (On if it was his timetable to rest Bulger for a couple of weeks)

    “Two games, I thought. Two weeks, really three from the time he was out. That was my feeling too. To get him through two games was going to be beneficial for him to get closer to 100 percent.”

    (On if the idea was to rest Bulger until the soreness subsided)

    “They may be sore, but the extreme discomfort that was hampering him from being able to throw the ball like he’s able to throw it, was there prior to sitting him down for a couple of games. I talked to him at the middle of last week and he was feeling much better. He looked much better in practice. He started doing some of the scout team stuff. I felt, by the end of last week that he looked closer to normal than he had been.”

    (On if QB Gus Frerotte left the Baltimore game sore)

    “Sore. There wasn’t anything that would keep him out of playing this week or be ready this week.”

    (On any risk associated with Bulger returning considering the injuries to key offensive players)

    “The risk is not that much from making any worse. I think the fact that he feels better and hopefully the fact that we can protect him better…there’s nothing we can do about the guys that are going to be back and when they’re going to be back, we just have to try to win a football game. I told Marc this was the timetable – a couple game. Regardless of the outcomes of the games, this would be the time we’d like to bring him back anyway.”

    (On what Bulger’s eagerness to play says about him as a leader)

    “Marc’s always been about what’s best for the team and wanting to win. It’s kind of a spark; we’re looking for something – looking for a return player on offense to spark the continual return of some of these other players. Things can turn fast for us when we start getting players back on the field.”

    (On RB Steven Jackson)

    “There’s an outside chance (that he’ll play). I think it’s very outside, but I don’t want to determine that until we find out.”

    (On if RB Travis Minor’s performance against Baltimore earned him more playing time)

    “Travis had a nice series and played more this week than he did last week, especially on first and second down. We’re going to try to give (Antonio) Pittman some more carries as well.”

    (On calling a timeout at the end of the fourth quarter)

    “I called one. I guess pride (was a factor) – just trying to hang in there. It was probably pretty unrealistic that we were going to win there. You can find a lot more things to be critical of me about than that.”

    (On K Jeff Wilkins)

    “It’s kind of one of those weird things this year; it goes along with injuries. You would never think Jeff would miss a field goal, but he’s human. Yesterday he just hooked that one a little bit. He has a new holder (Donnie Jones), but again he had problems with (original holder) Dane (Looker). I think guys go through slumps in their career and this is a mini-slump for him. He had a good game last week. He missed that field goal, but I would think that will be the end of that. Knowing Jeff, he’ll come back around.”

    (On if Wilkins is ‘pressing’ on field goal attempts)

    “I don’t know about pressing. I think everyone, whether they think they are or not, can tend to get a little over analytical in their approach, maybe, to the ball. I think that’s what happens with any player – great players or rookies. Jeff just hit a point where he wasn’t hitting them. Like I said, he came back and had a good game last week with a new holder. He was not able to hit his first one, but he came back and made his next one. Hopefully he’ll be able to have a good ten-game stretch down the road.”

    (On WRs Marques Hagans and Brandon Williams)

    “Marques was not bad for his first real playing time. He made a couple of plays and was our leading receiver. Brandon had limited plays. It wasn’t planned that he was going to play (that much), but we had the injury to Drew (Bennett) and that forced him out there. He did okay. He had a couple mistakes and actually really one where he didn’t know the play, but Gus (Frerotte) pretty much told him any time he had a question when we broke the huddle or were at the line of scrimmage what route he had. He did a nice job as a returner. I was really happy with what he was able to do as a returner.”

    (On Williams going to Hagans for advice)

    “We had a couple of young guys out there. The state of things are what they are right now. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with some young guys out there competing now and bringing some energy that we can use with some young players who are hungry to show what they can do. Whoever goes out there is who we’re going to go out there with and give it our best shot and try to win with those guys.”

    (On RB Antonio Pittman)

    “I’m glad he got to play, but he didn’t get enough opportunities to truly evaluate him. I thought he made good decisions on the runs he had and I’d like to see him some more. I’d like to see him get some more carries and hopefully even this week we can design some series where he can maybe play a little bit more, but he did alright.”

    (On the status of WR Dante Hall’s ankle sprain)

    “He’ll be out for a while.”

    (On the decision to have WR Brandon Williams return kicks in the Baltimore game)

    “We knew Marques was going to play a lot of receiver. We didn’t anticipate (that he would play) as much. But a lot more on our nickel and spelling the other two guys and knowing he was going to play a lot because we were still short at receiver going in with four active for the game. He really hadn’t done the return in a real game before and Brandon (Williams) had and we like Brandon with what he had done coming out of college and what he was able to do at San Francisco when he was their returner.”

    (On if Milford Brown is still starting at RT)

    “I think each week we kind of evaluate it as we go. It isn’t a natural position for him to play tackle but he has been playing there. I think he has played three games at that position and is starting to show that there is some improvement there. We played (Brandon) Gorin some but I think right now, unless anything changes, Brown will be our right tackle.”

    (On bringing QB Brock Berlin up from the practice squad)

    “Well mainly because of injuries, it is tough to carry that third quarterback. There would be (a spot) if we had a normal situation on our roster and the people that were inactive weren’t injured players but right now that would affect our special teams in an adverse way right now.”

    (On why the team has had so many turnovers to this point in the season)

    “I think number one, last year at this time, we didn’t throw the interceptions. I think for the year we had eight or something like that for an entire season and this year we are in double digits already. We had a couple fumbles early but I think we were doing a much better job of protecting the ball in our passing game. I think we threw the ball more than anybody in the league last year as far as attempts. That was a good number to hold on too. For whatever reason, whether we got some luck last year, the tipped balls didn’t land in the other team’s hands or we were making better decisions or protecting better and those kinds of things. The interceptions have been, I think, the biggest stickler. Fumbles hurt us earlier, I think in the first two games. I think fumbles were the things that were kind of biting us but since then it’s been the interceptions. Those are killers because a lot of times you’d just rather have the ball thrown away but we have to eliminate them or we are not going to get where we need to get to.”

    (On if the quarterbacks have been forcing the ball too much)

    “Well I think some of it. Having offensive line issues, not saying our offensive line isn’t trying or doing their job, but having different groups going. I think some of that is, maybe not directly in their (the quarterbacks) minds but, it might be indirectly or subconsciously in their minds as far as confidence in our ability, not just the offensive line but everybody, to protect. When that happens then the quarterbacks are not focusing on what they should be focusing on and that’s something that we as coaches got to make sure is ingrained and is not happening to the quarterback. I’m not saying it is but when you do have fluctuating offensive line issues or you have a concern as a quarterback subconsciously sometimes that affects your ability to concentrate downfield. Hopefully we will be able to eliminate those mistakes now.”

    (On if he feels helpless as a head coach with all the injuries that have occurred)

    “No, I was hired to do a job and make adjustments and find a solution to every problem and that is what I will continue to do. The hand we have been dealt right now is to continue to battle with a winless record and keep finding groups that we can put out there or a group of people that we can put out there that will make the corrections that we need to make and hopefully we will be able to do that.”

    (On how he communicates that to his team)

    “When you are 0-6 you can basically say that ‘things will get better’ but by winning a football game things will improve dramatically. You have basically two options, one, keep that mindset or two, quit, and two is never an option so we will continue to keep that mindset and push forward. Nothing says you can’t start a winning streak seven games into the season. I’ve been on a team that started off 6-0 and didn’t finish very well. I’d like to be on a team that started 0-6 and finished great.”

    (On if he has ever been around a losing streak like this in his coaching career)

    “Well we’ve had a dry spell. I’ve been parts of winning streaks, last year I think we won one game in a pretty long stretch so the stretch just so happens to be the first six games of this year. It’s still early in the season; we can pull ourselves out of it. I was encouraged by our defense, how they played. I was encouraged by the improvement by our special teams even though we gave up a return. Wilkie (Jeff Wilkins) will be fine. We just offensively have to protect the football and give ourselves a chance to win the football game. We took the ball out of our hands yesterday.”

    (On if the state of the NFC West is part of the motivation)

    “It has to be. We just got to get that first win and beating Seattle would be a great shot in the arm for us.”

    (On the play of S Todd Johnson)

    “I thought Todd played very well. First of all it’s a very gutty performance by a player who was sore all week with that sprained neck. I thought Todd played outstanding and that is why he is here. I think Todd is one of the guys that is going to be one of the catalysts for us finding winning ways.”

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    Re: Head Coach Scott Linehan October 15, 2007

    I have to give Linehan credit for continuing to protect his players. Fumbles, interceptions, missed blocks, missed field goals, running wrong routes, missed tackles etc.. He brushes it all off and says we are working on correcting this things.

    I know he can't and won't but I would love to see Scott Linehan or any Headcoach for that matter explain to us what's really on his mind. The bob & weave is getting tiring.

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    Re: Head Coach Scott Linehan October 15, 2007

    Quote Originally Posted by laram0 View Post
    I have to give Linehan credit for continuing to protect his players. Fumbles, interceptions, missed blocks, missed field goals, running wrong routes, missed tackles etc.. He brushes it all off and says we are working on correcting this things.

    I know he can't and won't but I would love to see Scott Linehan or any Headcoach for that matter explain to us what's really on his mind. The bob & weave is getting tiring.
    I agree and your right he deserves credit for that but he must stop right now calling Jeff Wilkins "wilky", that's just not right.

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    Re: Head Coach Scott Linehan October 15, 2007

    Maybe he can make better use of his five TE's. Hell, spread them out and run slants. He needs to make better play choices to help his team win. He can't expect third stringers and guys off the street to function in his offense and be successful.


    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey

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