(Opening statement)

“Corey got back. Will will be back tonight, had a baby girl, so that was great news for us. We’ll be back in action tomorrow. We’ve got two tomorrow, one on Tuesday, two Wednesday, and then we’ll probably do a couple of preparation practices Thursday and Friday, like we would during the season, for the second preseason game. It’s all mapped out. We’ve got a couple of tough days ahead, and today was a tough one was as well. We came out in pads and conditioned. We haven’t conditioned in the afternoon heat. We’ve been doing it mostly in the evening practices or indoors, so there were a couple of different twists to today’s setup.”

(On TE Joe Klopfenstein and TE Dominique Byrd separating themselves after game one)

“I think Joe’s certainly working as our one tight end. Aaron ’s playing probably the next best. I think Collins and Byrd are competing with the rest. The rest of the guys to be honest with you, it’s really wide open, the whole position, because they’re so young and green anyways. That can change daily, weekly.”

(On something Byrd can do to stand out)

“He’s not unlike a lot of young players. Just develop a certain level of consistency that is acceptable. We’re getting there, we’re working towards that.”

(On what has separated Klopfenstein from the other tight ends thus far)

“He’s been more consistent as a blocker, because that’s where we start. I think he’s done more than adequate at the receiver spot, but he started with a pretty good start in the blocking side of playing tight end right now.”

(On the battle for third quarterback between Ryan Fitzpatrick and Dave Ragone)

“It’s still too early. I thought both showed real good signs. I thought Ryan came in and played very well, if you take away the interception, I think Dave played very well for his first time in live action. I’m very encouraged by both of them right now.”

(On the progress the rookies are making as a whole group)

“I think they’ve made a lot of improvement from the first week of training camp to where they are now. I’m much more comfortable with where they’re playing and how they’re playing in their roles right now, than I was the first week of training camp. I was a little bit concerned, but we were throwing a lot at them. Now we’re repeating a lot of things and they’re starting to get a better feel for both the offensive and defensive systems and how they fit into their special teams.”

(On G Claude Terrell’s performance during today’s practice)

“He apparently aggravated his wrist. We lifted this morning, seemed okay, and didn’t feel like it was ready to go. We talked about it, and we ended up just conditioning most of the practice. It’s certainly a good opportunity for some of the other guys to get reps in there.”

(On sounding aggravated with Claude Terrell’s situation)

“I’m frustrated to be honest with you. I would think he’s frustrated, but the problem is the frustration does nothing, it’s just negative emotions. We’ve just got to move on, and the next guy in there, we’ve got to evaluate how he’s doing and feel good that someone else’s getting some very quality reps right now.”

(On G Richie Incognito)

“He’s sick. He tried to come out and go, he went...he’s just got that bug, and he just got dehydrated. He came back out and did a little bit, but he’s far from 100 percent.”

(On DE Victor Adeyanju’s potential to make an impact on the team)

“I think he’s certainly making some waves there. He played very well, for the most part, in the game Thursday night, and has come out and really carried that over in the last two practices. I think he sees a chance to upgrade his playing time ability here by continuing to play well.”

(On the performance of FS O.J. Atogwe)

“I think O.J.’s done outstanding. Like I said, free safeties are like quarterbacks or corners, if they make a mistake it’s pretty obvious. I think he really only had one error the other night, which is pretty solid for the first game and he played the most quality reps. He hasn’t acted or looked like a guy that didn’t play last year, he’s acted like a guy that’s got a few more snaps under his belt than these rookies. He’s a second year player, but he didn’t play last year. I think he’s maturing and he improves everyday.”

(On FB Paul Smith)

“He’s been very good. I’m very happy with Paul. He was a big bright spot in the game the other night. He gives you everything he’s got and does a great job of covering up those linebackers and brings a little bit of attitude with his blocking, and then he carries that over to special teams. I think he’s a perfect fullback in our offense because he can block, he can catch, he knows the protections, but then he can turn around and help our special teams in all four areas.”

(On how often he plans to use a fullback)

“It kind of depends who we’re playing. Some games we’ll see him out there quite a bit, some games not as much. It has everything to do with how people defend that personnel group.”

(On correcting CB Tye Hill’s mistakes against Indianapolis)

“I think the biggest thing is that he corrected it as the game went on. I think a lot of it was nervousness and overexcitement. You get that way, especially young players, but he settled down and his technique got much better. He does have a very passionate way about him and sometimes that can be a little a little bit of a deterrent to being sound technically, but I thought he settled down well and has come out and been pretty consistent. Even if he gets beat by a couple of steps, he has such great ability to recover. It’s still hard to slip one by the guy because of his speed.”

(On DT Claude Wroten)

“He’s a guy that can disrupt a lot of things. I think he’s very good on third down. He’s got to become a better run player. It’s not because he can’t play the run or his size or anything, it’s more he’s got to get rid of his tendency to peek in the backfield. He’s got to play the defense and play his run fit, so to speak, and not try to keep his eyes in the backfield and try to do anything but his job. That’s really what all the rookies have to do, to be honest with you.”

(On the condition of G Claude Terrell’s wrist)

“It seems like it was certainly making progress and he’s got a new wrist splint on there that seems to be helping, but for whatever reason we had a little setback this afternoon. Like I said, it’s a great opportunity for the next guy.”