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    Head Coach Scott Linehan--Sunday, August 20, 2006

    (Opening statement-injury report)

    “Jon Alston had a mile hyperextension of his right knee and appears to be fine. Jamal Brooks came out of the game ok. He had that toe…he actually did real well on it. Brandon Green does have a bone bruise on his ankle. It’s been treated. Had an injection last night, seems to be much better. We’ll play that day-to-day, he’ll be limited. Madison Hedgecock’s got the high ankle sprain. He’s still out. Torry sprained his sternum when he fell on the ball. The x-rays turned out just fine. He’ll be sore. Won’t practice, probably won’t practice Tuesday either just to get him back to 100 percent. He should be ready to go in the next couple of days. Leonard won’t practice tomorrow, but he’s making a lot of strides with that strained quad, just the swelling. Orlando should be limited tomorrow and Paul Smith as well, and we should have Drew Wahlroos out tomorrow. He’ll be in a cast. He’ll be limited in contact to see how he does with that. Just a couple more. Kevin Timothee should be back. He hurt his ankle in practice last week. Claude Terrell’s got a wrist that we’re trying figure out…get a couple more opinions to get him some kind of brace or something he’s comfortable with so he can get out on the practice field. For the most part, came out of that okay. We’ve had a couple of our guys, especially in the last week, get injured, but they haven’t been serious so that’s the good news.”

    (Opening statement-on the game)

    “On the game, looking at the tape, still the old adage ‘there’s still a lot of good things there.’ The fact that our defense basically shut out their offense, our first team defense did, when they were in there, was a bright spot. I think one for nine on third down as a unit was encouraging as well. Offensively in the last two games, in the first quarter, we’ve had nine explosive plays. Our goal for a game is eight, so in the first quarter we’re not playing the other team’s second or third unit, so we’ve shown our ability to be explosive. We’ve got to do better when we get down there in scoring position. We just haven’t been able to come away with points a couple of times because we either miss a field goal or have it blocked or we’re out of field goal range for who’s kicking right now. It’s been one of those things we’ve been talking about. We just need to do a better job there, and execute what we’ve been running down there. That’ll be the difference and we’ll look to see that improvement here in the next couple of weeks, get that shored up before the first game. Special teams was better in the first quarter. Our first two games primarily has just been our starters in the first quarter and then we’ve pulled them all out by the second quarter. It hasn’t been the consistency you want to see in special teams throughout the game but much better coverage this week with those units than we had. We did have the lapse with the punt team on the one but we need to get that corrected. We’re making an improvement as a team and we got better as a team. It was nice to see us battle back in the second half and answer some scores and go down and at least have ourselves in a position to win the game at the end. You want to execute it and get it done, that’s the negative. The positive was we rallied and battled back and stayed in it the whole time and got a lot of situations worked.”

    (On less success stopping the run this game)

    “No, our defense, they gave up one run. Stopped the run the week before too. I’m talking about the one defense. When we went out there with our two defense and they had their one offense in for the entire first half, they started having a little more success. It’s not acceptable for the twos to go in, they’ve got to play the defense too. The big picture is you look and see what are the primary positions on your team? What are they doing? The primary groups-- initial ones-- offense, defense, and special teams, how are they performing, and you’ve got to evaluate it that way. There’s no other way to do it. They did give up one run there in those first couple of series, but other than that, played pretty well against the run with the first unit.”

    (On G Claude Terrell getting multiple opinions on his wrist injury)

    “They’ve all come back with the same opinion that he can play with it. It might have pain. Then if it doesn’t get any better by the end of the year, there’s an experimental type of surgery that they can do. You’d have to ask a doctor on this one, but it does some kind of a shortening of the ligament in his wrist that could potentially make it more pain free. It’s overwhelming. There’s the potential to at least put some kind of brace on there and play with it. It’s not going to make it worse or injure it more. That’s the hold up right now. Hopefully we’ll figure out a way to get that thing padded up or braced up so he can play or he’s going to have to deal with this other surgery which would obviously put him out. I’m not sure it’s going to make it better, but I’m not a doctor.”

    (On Terrell’s wrist showing no structural damage)

    “It’s very stable and it’s the pain that’s in there that’s causing the biggest problem.”

    (On the benefit of ones and twos getting extended play)

    “You evaluate it and you say, ‘This guy held up pretty good against Mario Williams’ or ‘This guy got open’. Our second tier receiving corps, which is very exceptional, were behind their starting corners. That’s all very positive. The problem is sometimes the negatives outweigh those positives because they get a chunk or two on offense or create a loss yardage play, whatever it is, it’s still a very good evaluation for guys who are fighting for roster spots. That’s how you’ve got to look at it. See the big picture and know that this is actually a very valuable evaluation for our team.

    (On the progress of WR Torry Holt)

    “We’ll make that decision probably by Tuesday or Wednesday how much he does in those practices, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not full speed by Wednesday and back at it. I think it’s more just until the pain subsides. There’s not a lot of swelling it’s just painful. He worked in the pool this morning, got some lifting in and he looked good.”

    (On being tempted to keep starters in when the opposing team does)

    “The competitive side of it makes it tempting, but it’s not the smart thing to do. If you’ve made a decision that you’re going to play x-amount of plays and that this is how you’re going to do the first game, this is how you’re going to do the second game, this is how you’re going to do the third game, this is how you’re going to do the fourth game, and you vary from that plan, I don’t see any value in that. I think you’re playing with fire when you do that in my opinion. Now you’re putting a guy out there, based on how you’re evaluating your team, doesn’t need to be in there, and then all of a sudden you have Torry Holt goes down with a bruised sternum, what are you going to do, put Isaac Bruce in there and have him hurt his shoulder in the middle of the second preseason game? I don’t think that’s very smart. You don’t want to get to overly consumed with the possibility of injury but it is part of the game and I think you have to take that into account during this time of the year and make sure you’re getting what you need but you’re not going over the top.”

    (On possible punt and kick returners)

    “I think we have a pretty good feel of Kevin (Curtis) doing that. Full time returner? I don’t know if that’s going to be what we do with Kevin because his value as a third receiver is pretty high with our team. He’s going to help us in there. He’s going to be able to go back there in an as needed role. We’d like to establish a returner that can do both punt and kickoff. It’s kind of and old stand by and that’s what we’re trying to do with Marques (Hagans) and Brad (Pyatt). If we were to say that they were our returners, whether it is a punt and a kick returner, the only way to do that is to give them more and more chances. I think that’s probably the way we’ll continue to go at least during this next game for sure and probably the next two. We’ll finish it out that way.”

    (On K Jeff Wilkins kicking in preseason)

    “It should be this week. I don’t know if he’ll go through the whole game. Usually the last preseason game is his tune-up. I’m okay with that. We’ve made that decision and it has worked well for him. We changed the routine a little bit here years ago into the gradual (kicking process). He’s managed his leg so well to this point and the proof’s in how he’s done in the last three or four seasons that it’s worked well. I’m okay with that. I think it’s a unique position and guys find out ways to get themselves ready. As long as we get the results we’re looking for I have no problem with it.”

    (On QBs Dave Ragone and Ryan Fitzpatrick)

    “I thought both of them played well. They had different situations than they had last week. We put Dave in first; because that’s how we did with Ryan the first game, and gave him some normal game situations and I thought he performed much better. He made a couple of plays and stood in there nice and showed his ability to scramble a little bit. He made a couple of throws and moved the team. We came away with a couple of scoring drives and I though that was nice to see from Dave. I thought Ryan did a great job in his two-minute drill. I told him he was going to go in and win the game. We were hoping to get him a couple of series. He actually did get one, but we had a three-and-out unfortunately we got a penalty on a play that put us at third and long. He primarily worked in the hurry up two-minute mode. It was nice to see him operate. I thought he looked very good running that two-minute drill. He marched us right down there. I thought he did everything we asked him to do to put us in position to win the game. He made a pretty nice throw down on the goal line, but we weren’t able to execute the play. I think we got rushed on the last one. They ran an all-out blitz and we let a little bit of leakage inside on the right side. But it was one of those things where we still have to give him a chance. He put the ball in there at a pretty good spot; we just weren’t able to execute it. But I was happy with the way he moved the team and operated in that situation.”

    (On the pass intended for WR Clinton Solomon being tipped)

    “It looked like it could’ve, but on the field I couldn’t tell. It looked like there was a chance that if he didn’t tip it, I’m sure he distracted the receiver on that play because he kind of ran in front of him a little bit. But you couldn’t tell on TV or on the film because it just didn’t show it.”

    (On RB Fred Russell’s advancement)

    “I think Fred’s really shown that he has a unique running style and kind of a knack for it. He’s hard to find. He’s one of those guys that gets behind the linemen and the guys don’t know where he is, and he comes popping out of there. He’s one of those guys that has been a real pleasant surprise for us. We didn’t know much about him because he was in Europe during the off season. He’s really had a nice camp and I’ve been very happy on what he’s been able to do.”

    (On the team possibly regressing after the loss to the Texans)

    “Like I alluded to last night, I want our identity to be a consistent one. I don’t think anybody wants to be on a football team that’s going up and down. Whether it’s how we run it, how we stop the run, what we do on third down, what our red zone success ratio is, I want to see a level of improvement and consistency as a team. I wouldn’t say we took a step backward last night because I think we made improvements defensively. We went out and established ourselves a little bit in the first quarter with our one’s. Offensively we continued to show our ability to be explosive and special teams showed a little bit of improvement. So we didn’t take a step back. We didn’t win the game and we had more penalties than we did in the first game. Those are all things that I alluded to as disappointments, but I think that they’re all very good teaching tools for us. I think that it’ll be big for us in how we prepare and get ready for our third preseason game, which will be a little bit more game-week like. We’ll go into this week a lot like we would during a game week and do installation like we would do during a normal game week, even though we’re going to practice in the afternoons this week so we can spend more time meeting with that entire group. We’re trying to get them in that next phase so they can understand how we’re going to implement our game plans and go about our basic Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday practice routine.”

    (On rookie LBs Jon Alston and Tim McGarigle)

    “They’re improving. I think they played and looked much more comfortable this week. Timmy’s (McGarigle) got a little bit of a groin problem. It’s nothing that keeps him out, but he was pretty sore last night. He’s done a pretty good job on special teams. I think Jon has shown that he has ability to run sideline to sideline and make some tackles. He’s got some production on defense. I think both of them really need to step up and show a high level of consistency on special teams at this point. I think its part of the deal with young linebackers. I think that’s something that needs to be improved in order for them to take another step for us. It’s still early, I keep saying that. I know we’re two games into it, but I think they made enough improvement this week to say that they’re both on schedule.”

    (On his first time challenging an official’s ruling on the field)

    “It was more the way the ball came out because it was so late. Usually you see the ball come out and it’s a no-brainer, but that thing got down in the pile. It just seemed a little unusual that there wasn’t a chance that he was down. We didn’t have any replays. We didn’t get any replays in the first half. We actually got a replay on that one right at the end, but it wasn’t a real good angle. It was close enough at that point where you’re basically giving them points where we turned that ball over and making it a two-score game right now. It was close enough that it was worth the challenge in my opinion because we did see a replay and if they had one more angle we would’ve been able to make a better decision. We didn’t have a good enough angle and we thought we should roll the dice.”

    (On the production from his first team offense)

    “We just have to execute better when we get down there. I don’t read anything into it. It would’ve been worse if we were going three and out and punting every time. If we were doing that I would be concerned. We just have to do a better job and work a little bit better in the red zone and execute a little bit better on some of the things we’re doing down there. We missed some chances to score both games. Its good teaching moments for us to kind of get the players attention. I’m not going to make a big deal about it. If it happens in the first two games (of the regular season) then I’ll be a lot more worried about it.”

    (On QB Marc Bulger)

    “I think he’s doing wonderfully. He’s playing well in practice and he’s embracing everything we’re doing. It’s harder for a quarterback than any other position. People don’t realize that he’s going through a system change. It’s not like we just went and grabbed the playbook and said, ‘let’s run it exactly the way they did it before’. There’s certain expectations we have of how we do things now versus how they used to be done. It takes a little while, but I think he’s done a wonderful job. He’s basically played pretty mistake-free. He hasn’t thrown an interception or any of those kinds of things. You want to start there and build up because you know he’s going to be able to make some of those fabulous throws when we start getting into the games where he have to start making the plays and get a good feel for and make adjustments, he’ll be there for it.”

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    Re: Head Coach Scott Linehan--Sunday, August 20, 2006

    Hello my Friend how are you looks like the info just keeps coming , Its been a Little rough lately but I'm hanging in their ... I think our HC is saying the things and is thinking the right way , I really looking foreword to Denver ...


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