Thu Dec-21-06 03:27 PM

Head Coach Scott Linehan

Thursday, December 21, 2006

(Opening statement)

“There’s really no update. Really everything’s kind of the same right now as far as the guys that are on the injury report. We’ll make all our decisions after tomorrow’s practice on who’s up, who’s down, all of that.”

(On the focus of the team this week)

“It’s all about this game. There’s nothing down the road. No scenarios; we talked about that. It’s the Redskins. A lot of things take care of themselves by playing well and winning a football game.”

(On the large number of scenarios possible for playoff spots)

“That’s the beauty, not figuring them out, because I’m not sure you could. I’ve had a couple of people explain it to me. Honestly, it does not matter if we don’t take care of business in this game.”

(On what he hopes to carry over from the Oakland victory)

“It was our first real complete team win where I felt like all three phases had a big impact on the victory. That’s what you strive for. It’s hard to do. Usually two or three are the difference in the game. In this particular game, I felt like all three phases played very well at times. If anything, that’s probably the most positive other than winning. It doesn’t really matter how you win, but that felt good to win a game like that.”

(On how he felt about the kickoff coverage in the Oakland game)

“I think we came down, really, on the opening kickoff made a stay with Kay-Jay Harris; makes a big hit. Everybody’s running down the field. We had (LB Jon) Alston in there. He was the first guy down. Guys were running. There was no reading and reacting and waiting and seeing. I felt like that was the message of that team and that got everything started.”

(On Sunday’s game being the first to be blacked out since the team moved to St. Louis)

“We’d like it to be a sellout. Maybe people could still rally and show up for the game and cheer us on, but that’s out of our control at this point. We’re just focused on the players and the coaches and the fans that are there. That’s all that matters now.”

(On speaking with G Claude Terrell)

“I have not seen him yet.”

(On what will be done with Terrell)

“Nothing at this point. Really haven’t even thought about it. We just have the notice out that he needs to get here. When he gets here we’ll figure it out.”

(On Washington’s defense)

“I think they’ve had to fix some of the things, maybe, that ailed them early. They’re playing very sound, very good defense as of late. It looked like the defense that I’m accustomed to; the one that I coached against two years. They have a great scheme. They’re very well coached, and they’ve got some great players. I think the one thing that they’ve done recently is they’ve gone out and played some people and held them down and beat a really, really good offensive team last week and held everyone in check—all their great players. So I think the thing that’s most impressive is they’ve made the adjustments that they needed to make and have gotten back to where they were playing last year and years prior.”

(On Greg Williams defensive schemes)

“They have a number of different schemes. They have very sound first and second down situation schemes. They can really create problems for you on the third down and that’s what they try to pride themselves in, blitzing the quarterback, combinations, zones, and mans. I think they do a great job in disguising those things and that’s why it is challenging.”

(On Redskins offense, specifically RB LaDell Betts)

“He runs hard. He has a great burst. He hits that hold at a 100 miles per hour. And if you’re not in good position he’ll run through an arm tackle. And that’s what their doing. They’re running right at you. They’re hitting the hold with him and what that does is set everything else up; their setting up a nice play action package off of it. We’ll get a lot more of that this week.”

(On getting done early with practice)

“One of the things is we have cut back some reps at this point. Even though some guys are going limited, it’s hard to get through an entire practice with the number of reps we were doing with the number of guys that are out or limited. We keep the tempo the exact same. We actually got done a little early because the tempo of the practice was very good. We are late for this time of year on the normal schedule, because we are repeating too many plays in my opinion.”

(On DE Victor Adeyanju and other injured plays)

“Yeah, I think we need to get one more in. I got to look at the tape today. I watched a number of them today, and they are all improving.”

(On progress of injured players)

“It’s just two days. I got to see how they feel. I want to see how the guys use their hands and how they actually play when I watch the tapes, especially the interior lineman.”

(On Adam Timmerman)

“He did do more. I met with him this morning. I even talked to him…I said to jump in there and get some scout team work just so he could test and see how he feels after practice. I’ll visit him again in the morning, but he did get more work today, so I think it’ll be more realistic to know how he’d come out of a game if he played.”

RB Steven Jackson

(On reaching 2,000 yards from scrimmage)

“It’s very big. It’s something that I was hoping to achieve and I didn’t realize that I’ve come upon it so fast. I’m really happy to be able to eclipse 2,000 yards in my second year as a starter.”

(On Christmas being more enjoyable if the Rams win on Sunday)

“It definitely will be. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and I love to enjoy it with my family and friends and it would be a lot sweeter with a win. We get a little down on ourselves when we lose, so it’s something that we’re looking forward to, but you have to take care of business on Sunday first.”

(On the team’s success and his individual success)
“Winning is the main thing. That’s what we’re all here for and that’s why football is so special. It takes all 11 guys to make a play happen or to stop a play. My individual stats and the things that I’ve been able to accomplish this year have also been very big. Being able to eclipse 1,200 rushing yards with two games left is a blessing. To be able to do it with a banged up offensive line shows where this offense can go and what our capabilities are as a unit. Being a receiver and getting all of the receptions I’ve had, shocked me most of all. I didn’t know that I would come in this year and catch more than 50 balls. I’m extremely happy to do so and I’m really working on being a precise route runner and be more of a threat on the field.”

(On having a chance to break Marshall Faulk’s receiving record)

“It’s very big. I would like to get into the record books in this organization. My first record may be a receiving record for running backs and if it does happen I’m going to cherish it and give that ball to my mom.”

(On the Redskins defense)

“Coach (Gregg) Williams put together a lot of elaborate blitz packages. The personnel he has allows him to do so, with Sean Taylor heading the defense. They have a very stout front for with linebackers that have pretty good size. In my opinion, the safeties are the strength of their defense and they can cause a lot of havoc, pressure, and turnovers.”

(On hearing the news of the game being blacked out)

“I’m kind of disappointed to hear that. You want your fans to be in tune, and if they can’t make the game they have the chance to watch it on television. With that being said and the game being blacked out, hopefully our fans can make their way down to the dome to watch us live.”

(On Redskins S Sean Taylor)
“He’s very long and rangy, can cover a lot of ground, has ability to not only be in the box and make tackles, but can cover guys and I think that’s very special in a guy. He plays with that aggressiveness and nastiness that you want a defensive player to play with. I think he’s an all-around player and somebody we’ll definitely have to watch on Sunday.”

CB Tye Hill

(On the Rams main focus)
“I think we just want to go out and play. Anything’s possible in the NFC. We can’t really worry about that right now; all we need to worry about is Sunday with the Redskins. Hopefully, after that, everything will fall into place.”

(On the Redskins WR corps)
“They are an athletic group and it’s going to be one of the best groups we’ve played against this year. It’s going to take a lot of film study, it’s going to take a lot of planning, and it’s going to be competitive game on both sides of the ball. With our secondary and their receivers, it’s going to be pretty good.”

(On QB Jason Campbell)
“He’s been making plays for them. I don’t really know how Coach Jim Haslett wants to attack him, but he’s been doing a great job of running that offense for them. You can’t take anything from him. He was a first-round pick and I think he’s starting to come into his own right now.

(On if he admires Redskins S Sean Taylor)

“I don’t look at safeties, but a safety might admire him. I’ll say one thing about him. I remember watching some film and they had him covering one-on-one with Randy Moss, so that’s just something that tells you what they think about his athleticism. For me, I look at other cornerbacks.”

(On Redskins WR Santana Moss)
“He has speed, versatility, gets in and out of cuts, has a good double move, and he’s a good route runner. He’s probably going to be one of the best route runners that I face this year.”

(On Redskins WR Brandon Lloyd)

“He’s a pretty good receiver. He’s good in and out of his cuts; he’s a pretty good vertical threat, along with (Antwaan) Randle El. They have a talented bunch of receivers out there. They don’t have to be the tallest. The hardest guys to cover are the Steve Smith’s and Santana Moss’ of this league. As far as this group right here, we have a pretty good challenge ahead of us.”