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    Head Coach Scott Linehan--Thursday, September 14

    (Opening statement) “I think our players that were on the injury report have showed progress today. Got a little more work in, still limited somewhat, but it was good to get everybody back out there and getting some work. Yesterday they were a little bit sore, but I think all three of them got a significant amount of work in. Thursday practices for us are pretty taxing. We work a lot of different situations and there’s a lot of running, so it’s a pretty grueling one. They fight through it and we got a lot done.”

    (On seeing a significant improvement in ***** QB Alex Smith from last year) “No question. I think I alluded to it yesterday. I’ve known quite a bit about this guy and if anybody’s going to get better and better, it’s going to be Alex. He’s a great quarterback. He was the number one pick for a good reason. Last year was a rookie year thing but that’s far behind him from what I can tell by the way he’s playing now.”

    (On Alex Smith’s assets) “Physically he’s got a lot of talent because he’s a great athlete. He has a good, strong arm, very accurate. He’s got unbelievable intangibles. He’s extremely bright. Football’s really important to him. It’s not just something that came naturally that he was good at and just ended playing it. He loves football and understands it. He’s one of those guys that’s the first guy in and the last guy out of the building. He just grew up with football in his genes. He’s certainly going to affect his team in a positive way because he’s going to be the leader of that group.”

    (On what he expects out of ***** offensive coordinator Norv Turner) “He’s a great offensive coach and does a great job, and has done over the years, of getting his offense’s to be very productive, run and pass. He’s really into the balance of being a two-headed monster. He’s not one of those guys, and he promotes a lot of the same things we do. He uses all his weapons. Everyone’s a factor in his offense, but it’s sound. He doesn’t ask a whole ton. He keeps it simple enough so his quarterback can go out and play ball. That’s why he’s so playing so well in my opinion. They’ve done a good job as an organization of starting to get some pretty darn good weapons around there too. The line—I know they’ve got some injuries right now but that line is much improved as well. He knows that that’s going to be what butters his bread, to get some guys that surround that quarterback.”

    (On having to have RB Steven Jackson’s confidence to succeed as a running back) “It helps that you’re really good too. Steven’s really a good back obviously. He’s a big physical guy who has a rare combination of power and speed. To be complete, in my opinion, he needs to use both. He just really showed me something in the fourth quarter that he’s a willing inside runner. He got it up in there. That first run in the four-minute drill he basically willed himself to the 12-yard gain. Not many guys can do that. A lot of guys try, but he’s one that certainly can because of his ability.”

    (On what he’s seen from RB Stephen Davis this week) “He’s been good. It’s been a good week for Stephen. He’s a lot more comfortable now with terminology and things like that. He’s a great downhill runner, a guy that gets north and south quick. You’re not concerned about putting him in. He’s more comfortable with what we’re calling protections and things like that. He’s going to go in and execute. He’s certainly a proven professional athlete.”

    (On the decision of starting center) “Nothing yet. We’ll evaluate it today, probably take it into tomorrow. Richie [Incognito] worked a lot with the ones today, but we worked the other two fellows two. We’re just going to evaluate what’s the best thing to do this week. Certainly our plan would be, as we go on, that it makes sense for Richie to move in there now because he’s worked it. It was a part of our plan in the offseason. We haven’t made a decision as to what we’re going to do this game.”

    (On which mini camp G Richie Incognito worked the center position) “The rookie camp. We had the extra one so we could bring back the first year players with the rookies, that first one. He worked that whole one at center and really that was what convinced all of us that that was a definite possibility going into this season. When you get into it, you put your best five out there, and Andy [McCollum] was at center, so we moved him [Richie] to guard and kind of shelved it. This injury certainly changed things.”

    (On being comfortable with T Todd Steussie at left guard) “I’m comfortable because he’s done it before. He knows it. What’s good is that if we do go with it that way, he can help Richie with line calls because he knows them all. I think Richie’s actually doing fine, probably doesn’t need it, but he may need a little help from a veteran in there. I think he’s done fine this week.”

    (On G Richie Incognito working at center in practice) “Out here in practice, that’s still what we’re evaluating, there really have been pretty much no problems. We had a couple of exchange issues yesterday, but we really didn’t have any problems today. What you have to do a little bit is keep it simple in the initial phases when there aren’t a lot of line calls and things that are going to make. It’s not elementary. It’s not simple; it’s challenging. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.”

    (On C Brett Romberg) “(Brett) Romberg looked good. He has a pretty good feel for it (because) he played center his whole life. He certainly has a comfort with it. It certainly does make sense that he’s really familiar with our line calls. He doesn’t have to go through that (confusion with line calls). He knows it himself and that helps. You can see that the guy’s played a lot of big time football over the years and he’s not at all uncomfortable being in there now, after just two day.”

    (On the Rams-***** rivalry) “I guess being a football fan growing up on the West Coast and watching the Rams, at that time in L.A., play the ***** I’m pretty aware that it’s a big rivalry. I think you downplay rivalries a bit more these days because you’ve got 32 teams now, so you’re playing a lot of different people. It’s a division game, and a division game against a team that there’s a little something extra. It’s a huge game in the fact that we’re playing our first road game in the division against a team that we consider a rival. So, it’ll be a lot of fun to play this game on Sunday.”

    (On the Rams being able to stay underneath the NFL’s radar) “It doesn’t take long to get out the tapes and watch them to see the players that you need to be aware of. It wasn’t that they weren’t giving us credit; we were just waiting to see how we were going to be, especially early. I think it was certainly a good start for us. There were obvious things that we were deficient and need to improve at. It was a great start in that you want to make a little bit of noise out the gate and set a little bit of a tempo for the year, and hopefully ride it throughout the year, but one game is one game. We’re going to have to put together a heck of an effort this week on the road because it’s a division team.”

    (On the Rams kickoff coverage) “I know we talked about it being an attitude, an approach, and a mentality. The thing I noticed was that they wanted to make a statement. You see those guys running down the field, they cover great on the first one, but Jeff (Wilkins) puts it in the end zone so there’s no return, but you see guys running down there and finishing down there and basically making a statement with their effort. That means they’re responding to what we’re trying to get done. It’s not just promoted by a coach or coaches, or half the team, the team showed that philosophy with their play. That was what felt the best about that.”

    (On what makes a great special teams player) “I think you have to have that special player or special mentality to be great on special teams and as a group. I think Bob (Ligashesky) does an outstanding job and I think that players 100 percent buy into what we’re trying to get done and they’re playing with an attitude, and they’re showing that it is something we want to make a statement that we’re going to be much better. We feel that we can be great at it if we work at it. The biggest key is consistency. On all sides you have to back it up. If you do well once, you can’t turn around the next week. You have to figure it out, because when you do that you get bit pretty well. That’s our biggest challenge right now."

    (On having a consistent group of special teams players) “It helps. You need to be able to stay healthy with those groups. I think anyone that’s called on needs to play with that same type of attitude and that approach and mentality I was talking about.”

    (On the Rams finding good special teams players) “We evaluate them as position players then specialists. You can do that in free agency because you can get out the tape and watch them. That was the criteria when we were looking at depth players at positions that they were really going to help our special teams. I remember (Tony) Fisher when he was with Green Bay, so I didn’t take me long with him because he was really effective on third down and special teams. Paul (Smith) was very good for Detroit and Greg (Olson) was around him, so he knew that he had those things. Jamal (Brooks) basically does whatever you ask and goes 100 miles per hour and wills himself into being an effective player. That’s what you want to surround yourself with and you better your team that way because you have a heck of a depth player on offense or defense and you have a core special teams player.”

    (On Dennis Erickson) “He’s an unbelievable competitor. He’s the guy that brought the one-back spread offense to college football in the early 80’s. What I remember most about him is that he took over a team that I don’t know if they got a first down in four years. We went to one of the top three offenses in the nation in 1-AA in one year. I’d say he affected that team in a positive way. We went to the playoffs. It was just one of those things. He moved on, like a lot of guys do from small colleges. He impacted a small college like Idaho more so than any one person I think. It says a lot about him.

    RB Steven Jackson

    (On his confidence level) “I think it’s just my will. Sometimes your will has to be bigger than what you’re going through right now. I just kind of will myself into trying to be the leader on this team and to represent the offense and the running game. I don’t know exactly where it comes from, I just always had that. From hearing stories, that’s what all the great competitors had.”

    (On blocking out the negative comments) “When I was being brought up, I’ve always been taught that you can’t always please everyone, and if you are pleasing everyone, you aren’t being true to yourself. All I can do is be who I am and what I believe in. I understand that I’m not going to please everyone and I’m not going to rub everyone the right way, but at the end of the day if they can say that I’m a hard runner and I take my job seriously, I’m pleased with that.”

    (On additional motivation to play the *****) “We do. They are our rival and for years the two organizations have gone back and forth on different streaks. Last year we were disappointed in dropping two to them. This year we’re going to hopefully come out and not only win on the road, but impressively.”

    (On his thoughts of the improvements of the ***** defense from last year) “That’s the thing that won them the games last year. We do respect their defense, they’re solid. We have to respect that they have a good rush defense, and I think if we can put up another big performance like we did last week, it only speaks volume of where we’re going as an offense.”

    (On why the games against the ***** are all very close) “I think just the two coaching staffs know each other so well and are well-scouted. I’m pretty sure the two organizations and front offices encourage ‘If you don’t get any, get this one’. I think what all that being said and combination of the players getting an emotional high for this, I think that’s what calls for close games.”

    (On if being pleased with his performance in the Denver game) “Actually I’m not. I kind of feel like I left some yardage out there. Some things that we’re still trying to get together and tweak as an offense. I think great performance, but in a way, it could have been even better.”

    (On having the ball in the red zone) “I can’t be too greedy. I’m going to get my carries right now, so when my number’s called in the red zone, I’m going to try and take advantage of it and make the most of it. I have trust and faith in this coaching staff that they’re going to get the marquee players the ball.”

    (On taking pride in having 100+ yards against one of the run defenses in the league) “I do. Especially with me only having four in my career, to start off this year with one is big, and it speaks about the dedication I’ve put in my offseason, and hopefully I’ll see it carry over into the season.”

    (On his production increasing in the second half of last week’s game) “I make it a big emphasis to takeover the ballgame, especially when we’re in the lead and we’re in what you call four minute offense, when you run the ball and the defense knows you’re running the ball. I take pride in knowing that my offensive line and I are moving the chains and keeping the clock running.”

    (On the offense getting on track soon) “I believe so. Coach Linehan said a quote from Willie Mays, ‘When you’re in a slump, keep swinging’. So, right now we’re just going to keep going at it and attacking the red zone no differently since we have since we installed the offense. When we get in there it’s going to be a big celebration, but we just have to keep going after that. We can’t just get one and get comfortable with it.”

    (On the ***** game) “It’s motivation that we have to get this one on the road and in the division. Just because we beat the Denver Broncos doesn’t make this a relaxed game. I do think it put us on edge.”

    (On losing C Andy McCollum) “It was a big blow losing Andy. I think it makes us focus a little more on our defensive scouting. We could rely on him to make the right calls and nobody else had to worry about it. Now, as an offensive unit will have to communicate and make sure we’re seeing the same thing. In a bad situation, I think it might actually bring us together even closer.”

    (On the Rams lack of national media attention) “We will always remain known, because of the tradition this team has put together over the years. We may be a sleeper team, but once you get to Week 5 or Week 6 with a winning record that’s when the notoriety starts coming around and then you have to worry about guys getting big-headed. Right now I think it’s good that we’re flying under the radar and everyone’s working hard.”

    DT La’Roi Glover

    (On the ***** offense) “They can make some plays down the field, and they have two talented receivers as well. So it’s going to be a heck of a challenge for us. This is a big game for us. It’s in our conference. It’s a big rivalry for us, so we have to be geared up for it.”

    (On staying level-headed after a great victory in the season opener) “It’s only one game. Regardless of who it’s against it’s one game. It’s like one round in a 16-round fight. We have to keep that mentality; we have a lot of rounds to go.”

    (On QB Alex Smith’s progression) “He seems more confident in the pocket. He’s even getting out on the perimeter some and trying to hit some deep balls. He’s got some weapons around him. The receiving corps is solid, the tight end is solid, and the guys out of the backfield are catching the ball for him.”

    (On RB Frank Gore’s running style) “He’s a hard-nosed runner. He runs like he’s mad. He’s one of those kinds of guys. He doesn’t like to bounce plays outside much, he really likes to do the dirty work and get the tough yards. One play might be 3 (yards), one play it might be 2, and then he’ll hit you for 10. He’s one of those kinds of guys.

    (On going against a ***** offensive line that is missing two starters) “Our approach doesn’t change. We still want to be aggressive; we still want to try to take it to them. But hopefully, with as many looks we can show to a young offensive line can be to our advantage.”

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    Re: Head Coach Scott Linehan--Thursday, September 14

    (On additional motivation to play the *****) “We do. They are our rival and for years the two organizations have gone back and forth on different streaks. Last year we were disappointed in dropping two to them. This year we’re going to hopefully come out and not only win on the road, but impressively.”
    That's what I want to hear.

    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey

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    Re: Head Coach Scott Linehan--Thursday, September 14

    I like our chances against the whiners but our defense is still kinda suspect yea we had 3 turnovers but we also gave up 160 yds on the ground and that's just unacceptable
    Torry Holt Dont play that

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    Re: Head Coach Scott Linehan--Thursday, September 14

    Quote Originally Posted by letsgoramz View Post
    I like our chances against the whiners but our defense is still kinda suspect yea we had 3 turnovers but we also gave up 160 yds on the ground and that's just unacceptable
    Really 3ints, 4 sacks, 3 forced fumbles and two recoveries? Is suspect, +5 in turnover ratios, is suspect? 160 yards on the ground with 1 TD and a field goal is suspect?

    Let me break it down to you. We kicked of 7 times. That means they started on the 20 yard line 7 times. Thats 80 yards every possesion, 80*7 is 560. They only got 160 yards, 10 points out of that. Kinda puts things in perspective don't it.

    Yes we only had 18 points, but that means we at least scored everytime we got the ball. They didn't they only scored twice out of at least 7 possesions. Get your facts straight my man. You fans are funny.


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