(Opening statement)

“No real update as far as the injury front. Really the same with Orlando . Didn’t do much today. Still going to evaluate him, kind of like last week, tomorrow. He’ll get evaluated again this afternoon and then in the morning, and we’ll make the decision whether to upgrade him or downgrade him.”

(On if Pace’s condition is worse this week than it was last week at this time)

“I’m not sure. I think it’s about the same, maybe different. He just didn’t feel very good after this game, which was different. Last game he was going through the initial injury. It’s different. Again, I’m not a neurosurgeon so we’re just listening to what they tell me.”

(On Pace not practicing)

“I think we’re just being a little more cautious this week.”

(On being frustrated with Pace’s lack of progression from last week)

“I just think it’s just part of the game. We’re prepared for it. I guess the thing that’s good is that we’re able to practice for the alternative, not have it come up tomorrow or the day before the game.”

(On the team being level-headed)

“It’s the key. It’s a long season, leads jump. La’Roi …I remember when we had our first meeting, he was talking to the players, it was really after our first preseason game, and he said, ‘Hey guys, you’ve got to enjoy this one and get better. Just remember this is a marathon, we’ve got to keep plugging along and just getting better everyday.’ That’s what we’re preaching as coaches, and players understand that. We’ve got a pretty veteran team in a lot of spots. They understand that’s going to be the key for the longevity of the season.”

(On T Todd Steussie and G Adam Goldberg settling in)

“That’s a normal spot for Todd when he plays tackle too. That’s really his natural position, and that’s a natural position for Adam. He played a number of games in his career since he started with us at Minnesota, when I was there, at guard. He’s played a little center, some tackle too. It’s helped that they had two practices last week and two today. If we have to go that route, they’ve had quite a bit of work together.”

(On Detroit’s defense)

“It’s pretty much what you would expect. I think Rod’s got a pretty good handle on that defense. He’s been doing it for years to perfection. I know Donnie , ever since working with him, who has run a lot of it as well. You see classic versions of it, but they’ve got their own style just like every defense does.”

(On not looking forward to this game because of comparisons to Mike Martz)

“I kind of didn’t put myself in the loop. My feeling is the game is never about the coaches. We’re at home. We’re playing the Lions at home, and once we cross the white line on Sunday afternoon, it’s about the players and the plan that we have, and executing. It’s really the Rams versus the Lions. I make it a point to have those things not be a distraction.”

(On addressing the relationship some players have with Coach Martz)

“Certainly you acknowledge it. I think it makes the game fun that way. I know it’s really fun for the players. They’re looking forward to seeing Mike again. Playing the game though, I think professionals look at it the same way. When it’s all said and done, offensive players are getting ready to play Detroit’s defense, and vice versa with the defense and special teams. I think they’re handling it the right way. I’m sure they’re the same way on the other side.”

(On the conversation he had with Mike Martz)

“He was just talking about some of the coaches and support staff and people like that. He was just giving me a feel for it. It really wasn’t that long. It might have been three or four minutes; nothing big.”

(On WR Torry Holt playing against his brother, Lions’ S Terrence Holt, this weekend)

“That’s the fun part of the game. Even though it is two teams playing each other, I think that makes it enticing. I’ve seen brothers play each other before, but personally being involved in it, I know that they separate that and are professionals too, but I think it could be a dream come true to go head-to-head in a game. Two guys from the same family that are starting in the same NFL game is a pretty big deal.”

(On his knowledge of the Lions because of his days in the NFC north with Minnesota)

“It’s not as relevant as far as scheme because the defense is different, but I think I alluded to playing against them and their fronts and how physical it is from an offensive standpoint. They still have some of the same players. It’s more personnel discussions that come up as opposed to more scheme, because everything’s new right now.”

(On the speed at which the season progresses)

“I thought about that a lot more in my first year in the NFL. You just play them every week and get into that grind and get really focused in. We don’t really put it into quarters; it’s game to game. If you do that, you really get ahead of yourself. This is really our eighth game if you look at it. Preseason is certainly different than regular season, but we’ve been at this thing for two months now, almost to the day, since we started training camp. It’s a process. It’s hard to believe that it is the first game in October, though. I couldn’t remember if it was October 1st or how many days were in September. We’re already in October, come Sunday. I try not to think about that either.”

(On this game meaning a lot because a win means a 3-1 record)

“I think every game. I certainly don’t disagree with that at all. There is a big difference and we can all do the math. The whole idea is to maintain some momentum. We have not won two in a row. We’re 2-1, but when you start getting on a winning streak, you put yourself in that position. It’s certainly better than the alternative. We’re playing at home and we want to protect our home turf. That’s part of being successful in the NFL, so I think that’s all part of it.”

(On not taking the Lions lightly because of their 0-3 record)

“I’ve been on the other side, where maybe we haven’t won very many and beat somebody on the road. I’ve been on the other side where we were on a roll and we played somebody that wasn’t, and got beat. The old NFL saying, ‘On any given Sunday,’ is pretty true. I throw records out because you can’t ride that rollercoaster. Even though you have momentum and you think you kind of have it figured out, a team will come in and beat you. It’s just two teams playing each other in Week 4 as far as I’m concerned.”

RB Steven Jackson

(On the Detroit’s defense)

“They haven’t given up a 100-yard rusher. We’re planning on them doing the same thing, try to stop the run and force us to pass. They have great secondary guys with Dre’ Bly and Terrence Holt back there. They also put up a good rush with Shaun Rogers up front with the D-Line. I’m expecting a tough match up and hopefully everything turns out great.”

(On the importance of him being able to contribute to the Rams passing game)

“Down the line it helps me out a lot, knowing that they’re going to have to prepare for me in the passing game, as a defense. If things don’t go our way in the running game, I’m still able to contribute to the offense.”

(On why he was featured more in the passing game last week)

“It was the way the game unfolded. Arizona put an emphasis on stopping the run. They put eight guys in the box and showed a little pressure here and there. We knew that they were going to force us to make plays in the passing game they way that Marc (Bulger) and those guys did.”

(On getting more opportunities to run the ball this year)

“That’s all it is. I haven’t changed my running style. I haven’t changed my approach to how I prepare. If anything, I’m just getting more touches and more opportunities and I’m sticking with being true to our gameplan.”

(On the running game needing to be established early vs. Detroit)

“You have to run guys out of the ‘Tampa 2’. We have to force them to put an extra guy in the box to stop the run, and that’s when you get a big play down the field.”