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    Head Coach Scott Linehan--Tuesday, August 22, 2006

    (Opening statement)

    “Not bad for the first in-season Wednesday practice. I’d like our tempo to be better though. I think a lot of it was just figuring out how we are going to do it more than anything, so we’re going to push it a little bit more tomorrow. It should be a real fierce tempo, and today it was just okay. At times it was good but it needs to be better. Good prep work, though, for the third preseason game, and I think guys are getting the idea of how we are going to organize all that. Injury update—nothing really changed. Torry feels better. We didn’t practice him. Leonard got a little bit of work. Obviously, Orlando got some work today so we’re improving there.”

    (On Steven Jackson’s condition)

    “Steven’s fine. He’s got tendonitis in his heel. He had an injection in there. It’s going to be sore for a day after that and then it should feel a lot better tomorrow evening.”

    (On whether or not the injured players (if they are better) will play more the third game)

    “We’ll always factor in their health no matter if we’re playing preseason or not. In this particular game, we’ll be considering that as we get close to Saturday.”

    (On CB DeJuan Groce being in the mix as a returner)

    “I think we’re pushing DeJuan more in that nickel spot than in secondary. I think he certainly could be in there, but we’re putting it pretty much right now, in the hands of Marques and Brad .”

    (On there being room for both Brad and Marques)

    “I don’t know. When we add up to 53 I’ll let you know.”

    (On the competition for the third quarterback spot)

    “Same as it was 24 hours ago. We’ll find out in the next two games.”

    (On what one guy has to show him to land the third spot)

    “I don’t know. I think they’re both showing what you’re looking for. It really is probably going to come down to performance in this week’s practices, this week’s game, and next week’s practices.”

    (On the ones getting more reps in the next few games)

    “It’s natural this week because that’s how we planned it. When we get into the season, the ones are going to get primarily all the reps. We will give some twos some reps which is how we did it with Nick . It was good because we practice at such a high rate, we get more plays in, so at some point you have to give them a rest. You’re going to ask them to go six plays in a row, a lot, which is not the norm. You might go six in a row, but then you’re done for six. We’re going six in a row and then they’re back up after two when the twos go up. That’s going to be how we do it during the season and that’s kind of what we’re trying to get done this week.”

    (On how much G Claude Terrell is missing out on by not being able to compete)

    “A lot. His only problem is not being able to go out there and show what he can do. He’s certainly got the ability, but the more you miss practice, the more you get behind.”

    (On G Mark Setterstrom being a surprise)

    “He’s playing well. He doesn’t rate as a surprise compared to how he played in college. I think his ability to play at the speed of the next level is indicative of his years of experience in college. He started all four years and played at a high level and played well. I wouldn’t call it a surprise, but I would say it’s just encouraging that a guy can carry over what he did there without being a massive guy or anything special as far as height, speed, or weight, and still basically do the same thing at the next level.”

    (On P Matt Turk’s importance to the team)

    “It’s big. We’ve had a good battle there and it’s still ongoing. His groin is a little bit sore today from the game and a little bit from yesterday and let Andy go. Andy hit the ball good, but the thing about what Matt’s done is that he’s taken every chance that he’s got in preseason and said ‘Hey this is the Matt Turk that…this is why you brought me here.’ I think that’s what he’s done. Again, he brings another veteran who’s been in a lot of games and played at a high level. I’m really happy for Matt because I know he’s been out for a while.”

    (On WR Marques Hagans’ versatility)

    “I think you’re looking for players. A lot of colleges now put there best player at quarterback. Marques was a heck of a quarterback too. People don’t understand that it wasn’t us saying that he can’t play quarterback. It’s just that he did a lot of things with his feet from the quarterback position. He can throw the ball 70 yards flat footed; the kid’s talented. That usually translates into production somewhere else, whether it be a returner or receiver. He can be utilized in the backfield because he has size. Some teams play those guys both ways. I don’t know if it is as much of an experiment as it is just giving a guy a chance to play at the next level. Maybe he doesn’t have all the tools to play quarterback in the pro game, but he certainly can play football. I think people are putting a lot more emphasis on finding athletes rather than prototype players. The thing that’s got to be established is that he has to play the position that you have him in. He has to establish himself there. It’s hard. You have 45 guys on Sundays. It’s hard to take a luxury position and weaken another position because maybe the guys not ready to play receiver, or be a running back, or DB, or whatever. It doesn’t happen overnight. We’ve got to be patient, somewhat, in our approach to Marques and know it’s going to take a little while.”

    (Of the final 53-man roster)

    “I try not to get that deep into it. I have a good idea of the starters. I think everybody can probably figure that out. I want to let it take its course because there are two big games coming up for the guys that are competing. We’ve got plenty of practices, they’re coming fewer and far between now, but there’s a lot that can be done between now and then, for or against a particular player. So, I hate to draw any conclusions yet.”

    (On the roster trim leaving you with 75 players rather than 65)

    “I like it because it gives you more leeway in that last game. There was a lot more pulling guys out because you didn’t want to have an unfortunate injury prior to your first game. Then you’re sitting there with a battered group sometimes. Maybe you weren’t healthy enough and you had to play someone who was going to factor into the first game. You didn’t want to have a setback in any way, as far as injury goes. This gives you more of an opportunity to take care of that problem and I think it was one of those common sense changes that really helps all of us in the NFL.”

    (On DT Jason Fisk contributing to the defense)

    “He’s done well. Jason’s one of those guys that does things that will never show up in the box score. He plays nose guard, he knows how to play it, he has a role, he eats up blockers, he gets linebackers free, and protects his gap. He does all those things. It’s thankless, but it’s also very important. He gives you a real solid guy that can play if you have an issue or problem with Jimmy (Kennedy). He’s played very solid, very good there. He’s never going to be one of those guys that has 1000 production points on those defensive production boards, but he’s always going to be doing his job.”

    (On using LS Chris Massey in an emergency fullback role)

    “We would use him there. It would definitely have to be an emergency if we got to that. He’ll know our short yardage packages if we ever got into a situation like that. Hopefully we’ll be backing up our fullbacks with tight ends or second or third running backs.”

    (On QB Gus Frerotte’s improvement)

    “This is the third receiving corps he’s thrown to in the last three years. I think you’ve got to figure out how guys run routes. It’s really important, especially for Gus. They get real comfortable with the timing they have with guys. Last year it was kind of tough for him to get his timing down with Chris (Chambers) and Randy (McMichael). You really saw how much better Chris Chambers played at the end of the year. It had a lot to do with the fact that he and Gus started getting their timing down. Chris Chambers made the Pro Bowl on his last six games. We didn’t know who our receiving corps was going to be. We had different groups in there and when we finally settling in on a receiving corps last year and Gus played much better. He’s settling down a lot sooner here because this is a real consistent group of guys that have been playing together. Just like we say Marc (Bulger) benefits from Gus being here, Gus benefits from Marc being here to kind of explain to him how the guys are and timing and things like that. I think that has helped Gus just as much. The consistency of our receivers here and how we run the routes is so precision oriented. I really think that has a lot to do with the work they’ve had, in a good system obviously, but working with Henry (Ellard). You kind of get a feel for how guys do things may be a little bit different. I think he’s caught on a lot quicker here than he has the last two places he’d been as far as the timing with the wide outs.”

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    Re: Head Coach Scott Linehan--Tuesday, August 22, 2006

    Doesn't look good for Pyatt or Hagans...

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    Re: Head Coach Scott Linehan--Tuesday, August 22, 2006

    i agree, hagans has not impressed so far and he is running out of time,he really needs to have a big game this weekend,catch the ball well and turn in some good returns.he looks shakey fielding the ball on returns.


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