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    Head Coach Scott Linehan--Wednesday, August 23

    (On today’s practice and injured players) “It was a much better tempo for the style of work and practice we want to get done. Today was our Thursday-like practice. We made many improvements from where we were yesterday as far as how we went about our business. It takes a while to get the expectation of what we want. We’re getting guys back in there; Orlando (Pace) did more, Torry’s (Holt) still fairly sore (so) we kept him out, we kept Isaac out of some things today. He’s fine he just has “camp legs” a little bit; he’s fine, he could’ve gone I just kept him out of a couple of drills. Leonard (Little) did a little more today. He’s getting better. He’s still not 100 percent, you’d have to ask him, but I think he looks much better. JB’s (Jerametrius Butler) back. His wife still hasn’t had her baby. She’s right there. She’s a week overdue and had a couple of false alarms. Madison’s (Hedgecock) coming along, Paul Smith looks as close to 100 percent as he’s been since he pulled his calf. “

    (On DE Anthony Hargrove’s absence from practice) “(Anthony) Hargrove has had a death in the family. He’ll be down there for the funeral. I think they have the wake Thursday night and the funeral Friday. Then he’s going to meet us in Kansas City Friday night.”

    (On preparation for the third preseason game) “The closer you get, the more you want to tune things up a little better. This one’s different for us because it’s our first road game. It’s the first time for this coaching staff and this team together. So, how we travel and how we meet, are all part of getting into a routine. We were able to develop a routine at home. But we haven’t had a road game yet, so we have to get all of that done. Our first units will play more in this game than they have in the first two. We haven’t determined the exact amount. Certainly a good portion of the first half and then guys that are battling it out will get the remainder of the game.”

    (On LB Dexter Coakley coming back from injury) “He’s done great. I was worried about him in the spring because he was still limping. Things didn’t really get going until the middle of March when he was cleared to start running. He did a lot of rehab on that thing and got it back. I was really surprised he was able to do the OTAs (Offseason Training Activities) when he was. I think that’s one reason why he’s doing so well now. He got himself in really good shape and got his legs back underneath him in the off-season. He’s done great. He’s one of our definite veteran leaders that does a great job with this team in all areas; special teams, in the locker room, he’s a backup that accepts his role (after) being a starter. He’s what you’re looking for.”

    (On DT Claude Wroten) “It’s been very good. He had a good a real good week last week. How much he showed up this week and last week, I don’t know. Sometimes in a game like that it’s hard to tell in a game like that, when people are basically lining up with two tight ends, two backs, and running the ball. I think he did fine, from what I could see. He’s certainly become much more disciplined. You don’t see the discipline mistakes that were happening in the first couple of weeks, especially when we were in training camp and we were in pads. He’s coming along, he’s done great. He has a great attitude. He loves football (and) he’s a “yes sir” “no sir” kind of guy. I’ve been very pleased with him.”

    (On K Jeff Wilkins getting more reps this week) “I think we’ll kick Jeff when the first unit’s going. He’ll be part of the first team-special teams rotation then get more work when he tunes up in the last game. It’s really more a program he’s comfortable with. We talked about it. He agreed with it. We’ll just kind of stay on track with that.”

    (On Wilkins wanting to take it easy in preseason) “This proves what he’s done in the past. He came in one camp, maybe five or six years ago, and kicked a whole bunch, kicked in preseason, kicked himself out of very good rhythm and he kind of ended up backing off and taking care of his leg in training camp. He has great statistical seasons and a strong leg. He’s one of those guys who can kick off and a very accurate kicker and one of the most accurate long kickers in the league which I think is a big time weapon. As long as we keep that going I have no problem with that one.”

    (On K Remy Hamilton’s performance thus far) “He’s been great. Remy’s great. Remy was here last year, you guys know him from last season much better than I do but he’s a great person, great worker. He knows the odds are against him but he also knows people are evaluating kickers. He doesn’t forgo the opportunity somewhere else if he kicks well for us. He’s done a nice job and regardless of missing a couple in the games, they weren’t chip shots. He’s been just fine. I’ve been very happy with him.”

    (On what RB Fred Russell has to do to make the team) “He’s doing everything he can now by making plays out there when he gets his chance. The long run and we’re going to give him a little more opportunity in special teams this week. We had that talk this week, so give him some chances there. Just keep doing what he’s doing, that’s all we can ask of him. He’s given us all he’s got right now.”

    (On what LB Raonall Smith brings as a linebacker) “He brings one of those bulky-size linebackers who can run. Pretty good system for him. He’s really an off-the-ball sam backer. He can play on the line, especially on the nickel and the dime stuff where he’s moving around and rushing but he’s much more of a space linebacker guy that can line up covered, run to the ball, that kind of thing. I think this system fits him pretty good. He just plays the game of football the way it’s supposed to be played. He might come out here and have a couple decent practices and you’re wondering how he’s coming along and then he always shows up in the games making plays. He’s done a really good job, especially last week, on special teams which if you’re a linebacker you’re on special teams in the NFL. He gives us great depth there, great competition at the sam spot, he’s really good on third down. We kind of have a specialty spot for him on our third-down package and he’s a great rusher, but he can drop, so you’ve got to count for the guy. He’s kind of one of those unique weapons—nice to have.”

    (On what the guys on the bubble must show him in the next game or two) “We don’t push them or put them in a mind set that they’ve got to make extraordinary plays. We just want them to be consistent and play 100 percent and give great effort, and plays will happen. I think just seeing them approaching the game like ‘Hey, I may be disappointed but I’m not going to have a regret over how I approached this.’ That’s really what you want out of everybody, and I think we’re getting that same effort from, maybe what’s perceived as the 85th player, to the first player on our roster. We kind of want everybody to kind of approach everything the same way. I think it’s been a very healthy team environment.”

    (On WR Torry Holt’s condition)

    “It’s going to be fine, it’s just sore. He could probably project that he would probably play a game for sure this week just based on getting it loose, it’s just right now, it doesn’t feel good. To have any kind of a setback this week wouldn’t be very smart. We’re just going to kind of take it slow and day-by-day with him.”

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    Re: Head Coach Scott Linehan--Wednesday, August 23

    Sounds like Coakley and Smith are going to be part of the 53 man roster. Kind of surprises me ,I thought they were both in danger.


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