By Jim Thomas
Of the Post-Dispatch
Sunday, Oct. 17 2004

Travis Fisher won't be difficult to find on the Rams sideline tonight. He'll be
the antsy-looking guy in street clothes with the quasi-dreadlock hairstyle.

He's had the hairdo ever since he came to the Rams as a second-round draft pick
in 2002. The "antsy" part is new, because for the first time in his young NFL
career, Fisher is trying to cope with an extended injury.

"Yeah, it's been pretty tough, especially last week," Fisher said. "But hey, I
made it this far. I'm just trying to heal up."

Fisher, normally a starting cornerback, has been sidelined since Aug. 23, when
he suffered a broken forearm in a preseason game against Kansas City. He's had
the cast off for more than a month, but the bone is still healing.

He's not far from returning. Although still being held out of contact drills,
Fisher is doing more and more work at practice during the week.

"I've been able to do some technique stuff," Fisher said. "As long as I'm able
to keep up with my mechanics, that's pretty good."

On game day, Fisher has done all he can to help the Rams' young cornerbacks,
"telling them what I see from the sideline."

But obviously, it's not the same as playing.

"I wish I could play this week," Fisher said. "Whenever it heals up, that's
when I'm out."

As in out on the field. It's possible Fisher could be back for the team's game
Nov. 7 against New England - the Rams' first contest after their bye week.

Opportunity knocks for Hargrove

With Tyoka Jackson almost certain to miss tonight's game with Tampa Bay because
of a hamstring injury, rookie Anthony Hargrove could see his most extensive
action of the season in the defensive line rotation.

A defensive end by trade, Hargrove was in for eight plays last week against
Seattle, including one at defensive tackle. Bryce Fisher also slid inside in
passing situations against the Seahawks, a role Jackson normally has.

Without Jackson, "It just means Tony's going to get more reps, I believe,"
coach Mike Martz said. "And Erik (Flowers) is ready. He's really practiced very
well in the last few weeks.

"But really, our starters predominantly play most of the snaps. We've not
rotated like we've done in the past."

Hargrove, a third-round pick from Georgia Tech, has six tackles in limited duty
this season. In somewhat of a surprise given his potential as a pass-rusher,
Hargrove has performed better against the run so far than he has rushing the

"He's going to be a real good player," Martz said. "He's learning. But the
effort and the physical ability are certainly there. So we've just got to keep
working with him. Get him in there. The only way you learn that stuff is to
play. Unfortunately, at times you're going to make some mistakes, but that's
the only way you'll get any better."

Bulger attends debate

Although he didn't get to pose a question to the candidates, quarterback Marc
Bulger was among those in attendance at the recent presidential debate at
Washington University.

"One of my brother's roommates works for the Republican Committee," Bulger
said. "And he worked his magic. It took a while even for him, so it wasn't

It's not that Bulger is a political fanatic, but he likes keeping up on current
events, something that's easier said than done during the work day at Rams

"You don't see anything but the NFL network or SportsCenter on these TVs here,"
Bulger said. "There's a lot going on in the world."