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    Hello Kenneth Darby (!)

    Unbelievable what a bad senior season can do to your NFL prospects ...

    Equally unbelievable that this guy didn't find a home until now ...

    Absolutely awesome for three years at Bama, before injuries, personal problems, and team violations contributed to a poor senior season ...

    A 4.75 40-yard dash time at the combine buried him either further ...

    But man, what an exciting package he is! 4.75 my Alabama butt, Darby is showing incredible burst and an ability to make the defenders miss on the first move. He hits the hole incredibly hard, so hard, that I'd almost rather see him converting the 3rd and 1's than Jackson.

    Say goodbye to Pittman, because no doubt that Darby should be the #2 back here. On top of showing an ability to run between the tackles, he has great hands, and looked even more dangerous in the open field today ...

    But more importantly, wow, can the kid block. I saw him stonewall a DE and LB on blitzes off the corner today, and I also saw him bully Patrick Willis, yes, that Patrick Willis, and create a nice lane for Jackson on a play where Darby was lined up at H-back ...

    I'm on the bandwagon big time. Darby can be a really special tool for us and I think fills that need for a change of pace back. He is really showing skills that I think few NFL scouts knew he had ...

    He is seemingly better than Pittman in every aspect. I cannot see how he does not win the battle at the #2 considering he goes full speed at all times ...

    I wonder what would have happened had we sit Jackson when he was gimpy today, and let Darby attack. He had 70% of the yards Jackson had in 1/3 the touches ...
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    Re: Hello Kenneth Darby (!)

    He can audition next season with the rest, but I give him a thumbs up on what I have seen so far...

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    Re: Hello Kenneth Darby (!)

    Darby is a good find and worth keeping an eye on this offseason.

    Maineram -

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    Re: Hello Kenneth Darby (!)

    I could not agree more, his play has been quite impressive and he has clearly IMO outplayed Pittman for the #2 role. Great hands and an excellent blocker, this kid is a keeper.

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    Re: Hello Kenneth Darby (!)

    so far so good! but he needs to watch out for the refs!
    that ref stone walled him!

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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: Hello Kenneth Darby (!)

    He's going to be our number two. I believe his short time here, he has already beaten Pittman.

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    Re: Hello Kenneth Darby (!)

    I couldn't agree more, however the only detractor for me is his age. He's 26, which is the age a RB is usually in his prime.

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    Re: Hello Kenneth Darby (!)

    I agree, Kenneth Darby is an awesome back. He deserves the number two spot. He showed us today that he can really run and he can also catch. We made the right decision in getting him.

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