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    Henry Ellard

    I am not sure if this is accurate so bear with me. But it seems like once Henry Ellard left to go to New York Jets, our receivers have not been as good. Would the WR problem be blamed on the Receivers coach? Would looking for a new WR coach actually help our receivers. I don't have stats to back me up at the moment because I am on my iPhone at work. But I believe it's something to also consider. I think Ellard left when Spags came here because I recall Rex Ryan hired him.

    How would Isaac Bruce feel about being our WR coach? Keep the number 80 around like we did with Henry Ellard.

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    Re: Henry Ellard

    i don`t know if it`s just that we have lost the knack of drafting good wideouts or if it`s a coaching issue but i know i`d rather have Ike than Norm as the WR coach. for what a former DB can teach a Wideout it is likely an all time great at the Wideout position can teach him alot more.

    the one thing i can remember it being said a few times about Henry as a coach with us, was that he helped every player he coached improve his hands.

    the Rams Wideouts and TE`s did seem to catch a lot better in the whole today so maybe they are starting to turn the corner there already.i know they still "dropped" a few but the ones i saw (i had the game on live but left the room a few times etc..) they were not easy catches to trip,one stumble and Kendricks diving outstretched for one but he only could reach the bottom of the ball and it slipped out like a wet bar of soap.

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    Re: Henry Ellard

    There is no way you can 'teach' a wr to catch. That is natural, just like speed. Either you can catch or you cant. So a wr coach imo wont help (but i do believe we need an oline coach). Devany has a track record of either not putting a premium on wr or just being inept in drafting them. Remember he came from atl when they had vick (he drafted vick) and the big knock on the falcons was they had no recievers they dropped everything just like we do... Look it up

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