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    Here is the biggest cry baby in the NFL back again whining

    about how the rules are unfair.

    I just ask Clay Mathews to pound Kapernick right in front of the 49er bench so Jim Harbaugh can see first hand what a football tackle looks like. If your QB has the ball and even so much as starts to run that is when hunting season starts. If you don't want your QB hit then tell him to act like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. The refs protect those guys.

    Jim Harbaugh: NFL's read-option rules flawed, biased -

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    Re: Here is the biggest cry baby in the NFL back again whining

    Football used to be a man's game. Now, Goodell and others like him want to make it over into flag football.

    A QB getting pounded on the field is part of the game. Harbaugh needs to get out on the field - and see what the game is really like. It's been quite a few years since I have played in a pick-up game, but I remember the feeling of having a 250 pound defender hitting me so hard I saw stars - but it was a good feeling...until I woke up sore the next day...and the next, and the next...

    If he wants Kaepernick protected that much, maybe he should petition the NFL to allow the whiners to transfer to Major League Soccer. It sounds like he's scared of the game of football.

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    Re: Here is the biggest cry baby in the NFL back again whining

    Sounds to me like he's just raising the ref's awareness to any hits on his QB. As much as I don't like him, it's a smart move on his part. It's typical that coaches do this before a game. They'll often talk with the game-time ref's and tell them to "watch out for so-and-so, he does this"... just to get them thinking about it. It often helps too. While I can't stand Harbaugh (not nearly as much as that USA puke Carroll) I understand why he's doing what he's doing.
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