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    Re: Here are the Rams’ starters — for starters ..

    Quote Originally Posted by Bralidore(RAMMODE) View Post
    I'd love to see your talent quantifier that tells you who has ability and talent who doesn't, seriously it could come in handy...
    It would appear your own talent quantifier is pointing you in your direction if you can tell that certain members of this roster are so far and away better than others as to feel comfortable in their position.

    Do I feel Avery will be on this roster come September? Yes, I do.
    Do I feel Avery is so much better than the #6 or #7 guy that his spot is "safe"? Absolutely not.

    You want a ranking? Fine, I'll give a ranking.

    1. Avery
    2. Robinson
    3. Amendola
    4. Gibson
    5. Gilyard
    6. Foster
    7. Burton
    8. all the other guys

    My point is, the margin between #1 (on the roster) and #7 (off the roster) is so slim that NOBODY in this WR corp should feel safe with their position.
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    Re: Here are the Rams’ starters — for starters ..

    The fact that four guys seem to be rotating into the starting line-up at receiver just shows you how open the job is and that no one has locked down those starting spots.

    Sure, we can feel good about the fact that Danny Amendola is getting reps with the first team because it means the starters will have to earn their jobs, but at the same time, if Danny Amendola is a possible starting receiver on this squad, then I think we're in trouble, and I say that as a guy who likes Amendola as an overachieving slot guy.

    Ultimately, as players return from injury and as rookies (hopefully) win some battles to start, we should see around seven or so changes to the line-up as it is now.

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    Re: Here are the Rams’ starters — for starters ..

    I am going to predict that our starting receivers on opening day (barring injuries of course) will be Laurent Robinson and Donny Avery.

    Avery will be there simply because he's the only one on the roster that can consistently stretch the field.

    Robinson will be there because prior to his injury he showed he was the best receiver on this roster.

    Prior to his injury Keenan Burton proved he was also very capable, and if he's fully recovered I'm willing to bet he'll be on the opening day roster.

    Brandon Gibson showed flashes, although he was a bit inconsistent. Still it won't be easy to kick him off the roster, since it would mean that we just gave Witherspoon away.

    Amendola will make the roster mainly because of special teams. However, should he lose his returners job I'd say his days are numbered.

    Haven't seen enough of Brooks Foster to make a judgement.

    And finally, I get the sense that Mardy Gilyard will make the roster even if he has to be the waterboy. Haven't seen him play yet, but he's certainly not short on perserverance.

    My guess as of today (5-23-10) is, either Brooks Foster or Amendola will be missing from this roster come opening day.
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