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    psycho9985 Guest

    Heres a diferent look at the game.

    They kissed the division good-bye last week, and the Rams can kiss the
    2005 season goodbye after today's uninspired, unintelligent,
    undisciplined, gutless and pathetic performance.

    Position by position:
    * QB: One of the most startling numbers of this disappointing Ram
    season is 6, which is apparently going to be the number of games Marc
    Bulger will start and finish, after Adrian Wilson dropped him with a
    likely re-sprained throwing shoulder and a mild concussion in the 3rd
    quarter. Marc was on his way to a super game until that point, even
    after another trademark slow start. When he left the game, Marc was
    19-24 for 224 yards, with a passer rating around 133. He threw a
    pinpoint 22-yard TD to Torry Holt in the 2nd to put the Rams ahead
    10-3, and in the 3rd, he made a spectacular play, shaking off a
    blitzing LB and putting an absolutely perfect long ball into Isaac
    Bruce's hands for a 46-yard TD. Both Holt and Bruce were pretty
    closely covered on their TD catches, so Marc needed to make those
    throws as good as he did. With the running game doing nothing, it
    looked like Marc's downfield passing game could save the day, but
    instead, he's hurt again, and Marc's non-durability is another
    cloud that will hang over Rams Park this offseason. I admire Marc's
    skill and toughness, but when he can't even finish half the games in
    a season, I have to wonder if the Rams don't have to look for a
    sturdier QB for the future. Jamie Martin did have a nice game in
    relief, 14-19-161. He slipped some blitzes surprisingly well and hit
    Holt and Kevin Curtis with long passes, Kevin's a late 26-yard TD.
    Martin's timing was bad early on, and his fumble on a sack late in
    the game led to Arizona's last TD, but even though the Rams led 17-16
    when he came in, Jamie was not any reason at all that the Rams lost.
    Combine the two QBs, they're 33-43-385, 3 TDs, no INTs. Heck of a

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    maineram Guest

    Re: Heres a diferent look at the game.

    Marc does appear to be pretty fragile when hit. I think that a/c joint on his throwing shoulder may never be the same with three sprains in two years.
    What's Warner doing next year ????

    Maineram -

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    psycho9985 Guest

    Re: Heres a diferent look at the game.

    Guess I should have read MFranke's Thread before I posted this one.It has most of it in there.:O


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