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    Here's what frosts my cookies!!!!!

    ESPN, Fox Sports and the NFL Network had basically ignored our RAMS. Why talk about the RAMS? They are in the toughest division in football and beyond an improved defense they aren't worth talking about. Basically NO SHOT at the playoffs.

    Now after Sam Bradford goes down with a season ending injury the coverage of our RAMS is over the top. Sam Bradford this, Sam Bradford that, Shaun Hill this, Shaun Hill that. Jeff Fisher said this and Jeff Fisher said that. Don't get me wrong it's great to see our team get all the media attention it's just sad the way it was brought on. Why all the coverage? The bottom line is that Bradford is done for the season and Shaun Hill will be starting for the RAMS. How many times does the media have to remind us that we lost our starting QB?!

    Ok I feel better now.

    GO RAMS!!!

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    Re: Here's what frosts my cookies!!!!!

    Basically we weren't anything to report on until Sam got hurt. Small market, bad record, and very little drama besides the other Sam. All neccassary ingredients for modern day reporting..
    "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

    Jack Youngblood

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    Re: Here's what frosts my cookies!!!!!

    This is the only kind of story they'll cover for the Rams. Bottom of the league in ticket sales and merchandise revenue means there's less people supporting the team financially so there's less call to spend on air time covering the team. Unless the Rams start winning regularly and a lot they won't get coverage except when we play against a high profile team or player.


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