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Thread: Hey another win

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    Hey another win

    But what a lousy performance on both sides of the ball. This game should have been real high scoring , but neither team could score. Oh to hell with all that , It's win #2 and that is great since the #1 draft pick is gone. No worries though, they would have screwed that up come draft day anyway!!!!!!!! It's been a frustrating year but at least we get some bright spots. We beat the damn WHINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes , I'm doing the funky chicken right now. For those of you not familiar with the dance, I've got a dance pole some tar and feathers and a humidifier............................And some barbee Q sauce!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes yes yes, We won!!!!!

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    Re: Hey another win

    I don't care who you are... that post made just barely enough sense to be funny!

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    Re: Hey another win

    Why thank you!!!!


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