I have been away from my puter for some time so here is what I think?

Losing to the Seahawks sucked super pissed off about that one.

Blowing a 17 point lead? Well that was just garbage, the whole team just gave up when MB went down.

Beating the aints was a good start.

All right now to talk about the issues this team has that I have seen. This seven step drop crap has got to go. The Rams were once known for the quick release 5, 10, 15 yarders now everything is deep. Go back underneath have some hot routes for when Bulger gets in trouble.The pressure on MB has been fierce and alot of that has to do with play calling. I heard announcer say Martz is known for his long developing plays. Really?? I remember the GSOT was known for the run after catch. They had lots of screens, reverses, and draws too. The passing game was all about how quickly Warner zinged the ball out of there. I know MB could do the same. When your QB is getting alot of pressure it is time for the slants and quick outs the Rams receivers run so well.

Defence??? Well the banged up secondary is gonna continue to hurt the team. Now it seems the run defence needs to get back to how they played in the beginning of the season. Please can teh boys continue the pressure on the QB like in the Saints game. Heavy blitzing teams disrupt offences, watch philly they are great at it.

Special teams have been all right but not great.

Martz gone for season wow!!! Give me awhile I dont know what to say about that.