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Thread: Hill's play

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    Hill's play

    Hill played pretty damn good yesterday after Fisher was hurt.

    Fisher again was having a frightful game yesterday up until the point he went down. Hill came in a pretty much shut down the passing game with help from Brown. He had one blown coverage that I can think of, but Atogwa was over the top. Hill's run support seemed to good as well.

    Chillar was the liability after Fisher went down.

    By the way, why doesn't Coakley play Chillar's strong side spot? He seems to be a decent cover LB.

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    Re: Hill's play

    Most likely, Hill will start the rest of the games or he should we are going to need him to play next year.

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    Re: Hill's play

    Hill had what looked to me like his best game so far, they had one big pass where he took a chance and missed completely but that's about it as far as I recall. I'm sure we'll get to see a lot more of him now with Fisher injured. I can't believe we didn't switch just about anyone in there earlier though, with the way Fisher was manhandled once again, you'd think he was the coach's son or something to get so many chances :x

    Even if Hill doesn't play up to this level again, I think we should let him see some more time on the field - the same goes for the rest of our rookies, the season is in the crapper already anyway. Might as well start preparing for next year (some may disagree on this, but I really see no hope of coming back and making the playoffs now).


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