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    billy yank Guest

    Hire a coach quickly or take time?

    With the amount of job openings around the league this year,would it not be best to find a coach and hire him asap?

    Certainly,they want to get the right guy.But the longer it takes,the less chance there is of getting quality assistants.

    Do you agree or do you think it's more important to take the right amount of time needed?:football:

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    Re: Hire a coach quickly or take time?

    I believe we are in a different situation than the other teams.
    Like it or not MM develop a top offense, and I think we have an interesting D (that has to be coached). What about the other teams?, the saints doesn't have a qb, the only wr is about to retire, minnesota same, green bay depends on B. Favre situation, Lions . . . maybe the only teams that are as interesting as we are the raiders and the chiefs.

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    RamsFan16 Guest

    Re: Hire a coach quickly or take time?

    I think Quickly so we can get oru Coachs fired/hired/replaced before free agency starts and then the draft. Plus maybe the new HC could find away to meet with the team and kinda let them get to know him.

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    Re: Hire a coach quickly or take time?

    We just need to make sure we get the RIGHT guy. In any case the playoffs ensure that it'll be slower than most of us hope.


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