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    Hiring Haslett means ho-hum defense is dead

    By Bryan Burwell
    Tuesday, Jan. 24 2006

    Whatever questions may have been running through your mind about what direction
    the Rams' road to recovery is heading, the answers are becoming more apparent
    and are surprisingly quite appealing.

    Here's what you can gather from the early moves of the new Rams regime:
    Beginning with the hiring last week of new head coach Scott Linehan, and now
    with the appointment of former Rams adversary Jim Haslett to run the
    downtrodden defense, the "new" Rams are definitely trying to head toward the
    rough side of town.

    Linehan said he wanted the Rams to be one of those teams that no one wanted to
    play and everyone feared, and if that is his intent, then bringing Haslett
    aboard surely sends that message. A quick study of the two men who will be
    chiefly responsible for the tone and tenor of Rams football indicates that
    aggression will be the Rams' new calling card.

    Linehan's offensive resume is what got him this job. The Rams' new boss has a
    history of putting on the pressure from the offensive side of the line just
    like his flamboyant predecessor, Mike Martz. There's a showtime aspect to
    Linehan's coaching personality that should make the transition from Martz's
    "Greatest Show on Turf" practically seamless.

    Yet the most significant thing about the rookie head coach's choice for his
    first defensive coordinator might provide a revealing insight into Linehan's
    coaching persona. When a novice head coach adds not only a relatively
    successful (NFL coach of the year in 2000) former coach of the year to his
    staff, but one with such a powerful personality as Haslett's, that says a few
    important things about the rookie:

    1. He must be extremely confident and incredibly secure.

    2. He also must be damned smart.

    Adding Haslett's experience to the mix gives Linehan someone to lean on who has
    been through the war. Some neophytes might feel too threatened by their own
    insecurities to do something like this. But Linehan didn't hesitate, and that
    shows he's wise. The first step in trying to ensure the best possible chance to
    succeed is for Linehan to assemble the best staff possible. He could have
    chosen any number of up-and-coming assistants to run the defense. But Linehan
    instead chose Haslett, a six-year veteran head coach with the New Orleans
    Saints who has the coaching spunk and attitude of a roadhouse bouncer, then
    gave him complete control of his defense.

    That's pure genius because Haslett will give this woefully underachieving
    defense exactly the sort of type-A personality injection it needs.

    "(Haslett) was always one of those guys that when you'd play him, he'd give us
    a whole different scheme," Linehan said. "He'd have two, three guys covering
    Randy Moss; this was when I was at Minnesota and was just innovative. He didn't
    blitz as much (against the Vikings) because he knew if he did, it would
    probably cost him. He would wait until third down and long or a pass where he
    had the best chance of getting to us. I always thought he had a great plan. It
    was always interesting to go against him. I like to have guys that are
    aggressive by nature that are smart as well and know when to turn it up and
    when to pull back. He's one of those guys, in my opinion."

    Linehan said he wanted the Rams to have a dominant air about them, to strike
    fear in opponents' hearts. Too often in the past, the Rams' offense was in
    charge of that intimidation business. But if these NFL playoffs have shown us
    anything, it's that all offense and no defense does not get you to the Super
    Bowl anymore.

    And since the NFL is notorious for imitation, how timely is it for the Rams to
    employ a new defensive coordinator who is a direct descendant of Bill Cowher's
    "Blitz-burgh" defensive tree?

    So unless Haslett has gotten a personality transplant recently that none of us
    has heard about, his presence should signal the end of the ho-hum approach to
    defense around here and give us the same sort of wild and nasty jail-break
    style that the AFC champion Steelers employ. If that's the case, then the Rams
    definitely are heading down the right road.

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    Re: Hiring Haslett means ho-hum defense is dead

    That all sounds good,so lets see what he does with the Draft. Thanks Wraith.

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    Re: Hiring Haslett means ho-hum defense is dead

    Hi guys, I am new to your board and just came over to see what yall where saying about the Haslett hiring. If I could, I would like to give you guys some observations of Jim Haslett after watching his tenure with us as head coach. I understand the excitement that comes with hiring someone new but the question that I must ask is did the newsreporters not watch any film on the Saints outside of the games against the Rams? Obviously, it would not be hard for you to look up the statistics of the Saints defense under Haslett, which would show that we were constantly at or near the bottom in most defensive catagories. I can tell you that the big question I and alot of people had was, how could a former linebacker and defensive coordinator have such bad defenses, and in particular, linebackers? You would think that since he is a former hard nosed linebacker, that it would be a strong suit of the team. It was the complete opposite. Linebacker was without a doubt the most dissapointing position of the 5 years Haslett was here. In his first year with the Saints, we did play aggressive defense and blitzed alot but after that it was like he turned into a different coach. Maybe moving back to the coordinator posisition will help him remember the things that made him successfull but for a coach with that much experience in defense it was mind boggling how bad ours was. Good luck and thanks for letting me post.

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    Re: Hiring Haslett means ho-hum defense is dead

    :angryram: Thanks for the good/honest obeservations on our DC, Speck.

    I look forward to a considerable improvement on the part of Haslett this season. Hopefully he will fine the tools necessary here with the Rams, including working with Scott Linehan.

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    Re: Hiring Haslett means ho-hum defense is dead

    All the man has to do now is focus on the DEFENSE...not manage an entire team, handle press matters, a hurricane displacing his family and his team, etc. Perhaps you missed the nauseating joke which passed for Ram defense under one Larry 'my buddy hired me DESPITE my pathetic record as a DC' Marmie?? Sorry but...the Rams got NOWHERE to go but UP with this (or ANY) hiring.


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