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    Historical Rams Role Models For Rookie Class

    Which historical Rams should the rookie class look to for inspiration?

    Robert Quinn = Leonard Little
    As a speed/edge rusher, Little is a grat role model for Quinn. Little developed into an all around player over time, but was always a threat coming around the edge.

    Lance Kendricks = Pete Holihan
    The Rams' history with TEs is not all that illustrious, but Holihan provides a good example of a TE who could give opposing defenses fits with his receiving ability.

    Austin Pettis/Greg Salas = Jack Snow
    Similar in size and style, Pettis and Salas could look to Snow as an example of a player who knew how to get open over the middle of the field.

    Jermale Hines = Toby Wright
    Wright was a terror to opposing receivers coming accross the middle, and that's where Hines should make his mark as well. He loves the big hit.

    Mikail Baker = LeRoy Irvin
    Baker was drafted, to a large extent, for his return ability. Irvin was a great one from the CB spot, and also a very good defender.

    Jabara Williams = London Fletcher
    Small MLB from a small college? This was an easy choice.

    Jonathan Nelson = Anthony Newman
    Didn't want to set the bar too high here, so I chose a utility DB who had a long, productive, career in the NFL.

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    Re: Historical Rams Role Models For Rookie Class

    I'd have to go with Williams = Fletcher, or Quinn = Little.

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    Re: Historical Rams Role Models For Rookie Class

    How about Kendricks just look up to the Reverend Bruce? They're probably about as fast as each other and if the reports I've seen are any indication, he's going to end up being the 2nd option in the pass game at worst, just like Bruce was.

    Otherwise, I'd suggest looking at film of Dallas Clark or Tony Gonzalez and just pretending that they wear the horns. Clark certainly has for my Madden Rams!
    I believe!

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