The Banana Splits to all the old guys( anyone remember them?) I haven't seen this much hype over a QB since........Week 5 of 99'. It took Warner a while to establish himself. Fitzpatrick looked very good Yesterday and that was a good thing. Bulger is not gone ! But he should get himself back to 100% before he even thinks about throwing the ball. We lost Warner that way and Bulger could easily end up on that road. I liked the kid(Fitz) in Pre-Season and I like him now. But don't throw Bulger to the dogs yet. This guy has endured some pain for us and he doesn't cry a tear!!!!! Warner was killed by our O-Line and Bulger stepped in when the Line got a bit better ,only to be thrashed himself by a depleated Line also! Don't forget how TOUGH Bulger is. He may get knocked around but the only other QB like that is Brett Faverrayyyee( Whatever is name is) and that should say alot about Bulger. He's frickin tough!!!!!! Get well soon Marc, nothing should be taken away from you!