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    Holdout reaches 24 days

    By Jim Thomas
    Monday, Aug. 18 2008
    Despite rumblings over the weekend that there might be some movement on the
    Steven Jackson front, sources familiar with the negotiations or lack thereof
    say there was no dialogue between the Rams and Jackson's agent save for a
    brief phone call Friday between the parties.

    So the holdout continues. As of Sunday, the Pro Bowl running back had missed 24
    days of training camp and the preseason, 24 practices and two preseason games.
    At $15,116 per day, his fine total stands at $362,784 or just under the
    minimum base salary for a second-year NFL player.

    For the first time, Rams coach Scott Linehan conceded Sunday that time is of
    the essence in getting Jackson ready for the season opener Sept. 7 in

    "It is getting critical to where time now becomes more of an issue for just the
    physical part of getting ready for the opener," Linehan said. "Every day we
    miss now does start to factor in as to what the workload will be from the

    "I know he's working hard. And I know he's training. And he'll be in very good
    shape when he does get in."


    The Rams got a little thinner at running back Saturday night when Brian Leonard
    suffered a sprained left shoulder.

    "It's not serious, but he'll be pretty iffy for this week's game," Linehan said.

    And there's no guarantee that Leonard will be healed in time to participate in
    the preseason finale a week from Thursday against Kansas City. Linehan said the
    Rams are considering adding another running back to help get them through the
    final two exhibition games.


    After an off day Sunday, there's a chance quarterback Marc Bulger may be
    limited throwing today in practice after taking a jolt to his throwing shoulder
    late in the first half against San Diego.

    "We'll just see how he feels throwing (Monday), if he can," Linehan said. "The
    doctors weren't concerned about it. Afterwards, they tested his strength it
    was pretty good. We'll see. Sometimes guys wake up and they're pretty sore. So
    we'll see if he has to be limited at all."


    After two preseason games, Bulger has completed just 10 of 23 passes for 85
    yards and three interceptions. Those three interceptions have resulted in 13
    points for the opposition. But Linehan says he isn't concerned.

    "Marc's making a lot of progress," Linehan said. "It's a new system, got some
    new players and all those things. As soon as we get our timing down, he's going
    to continue to play winning football for us.

    "Right now, we've been a little off on a couple plays. He's got two tipped
    interceptions. This is a precision game. The offense's timing, you've got to
    be right on. And we've just been off a couple clicks."


    Rookie linebacker David Vobora came out of the San Diego game with what Linehan
    described as "a pretty severely sprained ankle." Linehan said Vobora, dubbed
    "Mr. Irrelevant" as the last player chosen in the draft, probably will miss the
    team's final two preseason games.

    Rookie fullback Russ Weil is day-to-day with an ankle injury. Linebacker Tim
    McGarigle should be OK after suffering what appears to be a minor toe injury
    against the Chargers.

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    Re: Holdout reaches 24 days

    I believe that even Nick will be concerned if Jackson doesnt report by the end of this week. As it appears right now, Dez beating Michael Phelps in the 400 meter freestyle looks about as likely as Jackson reporting this week, but hope springs eternal. By the way, you guys should see how awesome Dez looks in one of those Speedo swimsuits!

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Holdout reaches 24 days

    If only Speedo made a kilt....

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    Re: Holdout reaches 24 days

    Jackson is quickly turning into one of my least favorite Rams. As I watched the game Saturday live on the Chargers telecast one of the guys in the booth (Ex-Charger Billie Ray Smith) said something that made me laugh, but he made a pretty valid point. I'm paraphrasing here...

    "I'm trying to get my brain around this Jackson thing. He's holding out for more money? Why? he can help his team to another 3-13 record? I'm sure the Rams can win 3 games without him."

    Later, it got even funnier...

    When the Ram's Pittman took himself out of the game for a breather after three plays, Billie Ray comments: "he's coming out after three plays? When you're coming off a 3-13 record, you need to suck is up a little and work a little harder. ...I suppose he's going to holdout now too."

    Pretty funny stuff, I thought. ...but I have to agree with the Jackson thing. Steven, get your butt in and sign, otherwise, let me get the door for you on your way out.

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    Re: Holdout reaches 24 days

    As of right now, I do not have Jackson on my Christmas card list. And I do agree that we can win 3 games without Jackson.

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    Re: Holdout reaches 24 days

    Quote Originally Posted by general counsel View Post
    I believe that even Nick will be concerned if Jackson doesnt report by the end of this week.
    Yep, this is the week I've been targeting in terms of Jackson making his return. If he misses this week and the third preseason game, then I will join others in questioning whether he'll be fully prepared for the start of the season.

    Hopefully something breaks in this stalemate.

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    Re: Holdout reaches 24 days

    Funny stuff from the game play by play. It would be even funnier if it was not so sad and true. What these guys make in the grand scheme of things is ridiculous enough as it is. He is under contract and needs to be at work. $300K+ lost to make a point and garner millions more. This is the type of stuff that really turns me off of sports in general...

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