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    Holt and Bruce should get more respect

    I've never understood why Holt and Bruce aren't held as high as other receivers around the league. I mean look at the performance of some of the premium receivers over the past 5 years:

    Per season average:
    Marvin Harrison --- (Ind) 108 rec. , 1451 yards , 13 TDs
    Torry Holt --- (St. L) 86 rec. , 1359 yards , 8 TDs
    Terrell Owens --- (SF/Phi) 85 rec. , 1263 yards , 12 TDs
    Randy Moss --- (Minn) 84 rec. , 1303 yards , 12 TDs
    Hines Ward --- (Pitt) 82 rec. , 968 yards , 7 TDs
    Tony Gonzalez --- (KC) 80 rec. , 986 yards , 8 TDs
    Joe Horn --- (NO) 79 rec. , 1146 yards , 9 TDs
    Mushin Muhammad --- (Car) 76 rec. , 1014 yards , 6 TDs
    Keyshawn Johnson --- (Tam/Dal) 76 rec. , 997 yards , 5 TDs

    It's easy to see that Holt ranks at the very top among the elite receivers, but what is truly amazing to me is how well Bruce does compared to the #2 receivers behind each of these superstars. Here's how the #2 receivers for each of the above teams fared (as a season average) over the same time span:

    Ind. --- 55 rec. , 777 yards , 6 TDs
    Isaac Bruce --- 78 rec. , 1182 yards , 8 TDs
    SF/Phi --- 39 rec. , 454 yards , 3 TDs
    Minn --- 49 rec. , 730 yards , 6 TDs
    Pitt --- 52 rec. , 694 yards , 4 TDs
    KC --- 47 rec. , 792 yards , 4 TDs
    NO --- 42 rec. , 615 yards , 5 TDs
    Car --- 51 rec. , 712 yards , 3 TDs
    Tam/Dal --- 41 rec. , 549 yards , 2 TDs

    I'd say Bruce can hold his own among the elite receivers, but to compare him with the #2's playing behind these other elites really shows just how good not only Holt, but Bruce really is.

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    Re: Holt and Bruce should get more respect

    I agree, as I see it, we have two elite WR's on our roster and neither one is the 'STAR',, with other teams they have One elite Wr and thats it, they get all the press, attention and get singled out!!! THE STAR so to speak!!!

    I think when oppents play the Rams they give great respect for Bruce and Holt......

    steve :ramlogo:

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    Re: Holt and Bruce should get more respect

    Isaac and Torry are the best tandem in the league bar none,and its time the league and the media gave them their due.

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    Re: Holt and Bruce should get more respect

    I think that there are a few issues at work here.

    1) They are penalized because people believe it is "the system"
    2) They are penalized because people perceive them as soft
    3) They are penalized because during its peak, the GSOT was perceived as incredibly arrogant, a unit that ran up scores all the time
    4) Isaac Bruce is as quiet a guy as possible, never creates controversy, never toots his own horn. Thus, less attention on his skills. Name a better #2 receiver in the nfl even now.
    5) They dont get credit for their downfield blocking
    6) Blazing speed is more valued than precise route running on highlight films
    7) St louis is not a big market town, and is basically a cardinals town primarily.

    Bottom line. To me, this is the best tandem IN THE HISTORY OF THE NFL. Comparing pure numbers of catches is a joke. Keep in mind that these guys, great as they were, played with Marshall Faulk, the greatest weapon in the league. They also played with third and fourth receiver options usually better than any other team. Think of how many balls got spread around and how much yardage was amassed by other weapons. IF these two were the sole focus of any offense, think of what their numbers could have been.

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Holt and Bruce should get more respect

    The funny thing is, despite all the facts contained in this thread, every year for the past 2 or 3, there have been at least a few posters who advocating trading, or even releasing, Bruce due to his age and high salary.

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    Re: Holt and Bruce should get more respect

    GC, you are right on with that, you just left out the #1 reason;

    They Play On The Rams... Period

    The,"media" wouldn't admit anything unless they had won a bunch of Superbowls like those cheaters. The Rams are not media darlings for whatever reason...Martz, arrogance, finesse team, etc, etc, etc. It would be nice to hear them mentioned along with their peers as great, but flying just under the radar screen is ok. I just look at the stats during and after the season is over and see two great wideouts, who silently,(ok Torry is a bit flamboyant), go about their business.

    Maineram - :ramlogo:


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