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    Holt: mild-mannered reporter

    By Jim Thomas

    DETROIT Torry Holt arrived early for Super Bowl Media Day festivities Tuesday at Ford Field. He sat down by a goal post, watched workers set up for the spectacle that would follow and then watched the Pittsburgh Steelers walk in for their interview session.

    Instant flashback.

    "I remembered how we walked in the first time," Holt said. "We had our camcorders. Az (Hakim) and Ricky (Proehl). Todd Lyght and Keith Lyle. Mike Jones. Isaac (Bruce). Orlando (Pace). Todd Collins. D'Marco (Farr). Adam Timmerman. The list goes on and on, of guys that shared the same experience that I did.

    "At the time, when I was a rookie, I couldn't really comprehend anything. Because everything was just moving so fast."

    So as the Steelers walked in Tuesday, and the memories flowed, Holt said, "I kind of got a little emotional. I was like, 'I've actually experienced this twice.' I was able to win one, and unfortunately, we came up short on one."

    It doesn't seem like that long ago, but it's been six years since the Rams defeated Tennessee in Super Bowl XXXIV. And four years since the team lost to New England in Super Bowl XXXVI.

    On Tuesday, Holt was on the other side of the podium at Media Day, doing television work for the NFL Network. With no fewer than four assistants helping him out, including cameraman and producer, Holt joined the media throng jockeying for position to ask their questions.

    "It's been an experience, to be honest with you," Holt said. "I have that much more respect for you guys (reporters), and the preparation that you have to do to get ready for an event like this. It's been a humbling experience."

    Actually, Holt pulled it off in style. He asked good questions, aided by plenty of notes. He covered a lot of ground, interviewing maybe a couple of dozen Steelers and Seahawks, not to mention some of his more established TV brethren, such as Chris Berman and former Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin.

    He mixed serious questions with playful queries. Like asking Seattle linebacker Isaiah Kacyvenksi who had the baldest head - him or Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.

    Holt was patient. He picked his spots to ask questions and didn't just barge in and "big time" his way past the full-time reporters.

    "All the reporters and broadcasters that I come across, I'm able to learn something from everybody," Holt said. "And I try to apply it. I knew I couldn't butt my way in there and try to be a (jerk) and dominate.

    "For one, that's not my style. I knew what I wanted to ask. I knew what they wanted me to ask. Nothing cliche. I wanted to ask them some things off the cuff. What helped me is I've been here. I played two Super Bowls. And that gives you some respect when you go ask these guys certain questions, because I've been here and we've won a big game like this."

    Holt did it all with his usual energy and charm. So much so that Irvin, an analyst for ESPN, teased: "Don't bring him over here trying to take my job!"

    Yes, after seven seasons catching passes for the Rams, Holt is working on his next career. Not that he's in a hurry to retire.

    "I've still got some years left," Holt said. "I want to finish out my contract there in St. Louis. That'll take me to year 11. And then I want to step back and see where I'm at. I want to see where I'm at financially. I want to see where I'm at with my health. I want to see where I'm at with my career. And then I'll make a decision."

    Ever since he entered the NFL in 1999, Holt has told himself that he didn't want to wait until the end of his career to begin preparing for life after football.

    Besides his NFL Network duties during Super Bowl XL week, Holt also is doing promotional work for Diet Pepsi and Burger King. He returns to St. Louis on Sunday afternoon, then flies out the next day for Honolulu and the Pro Bowl.

    Even while in Detroit, Holt continues to do rehab work on his right knee. He missed two games in late October with a torn ligament. Holt revealed Tuesday that he also suffered torn cartilage last season in the same knee - an injury he kept quiet.

    "So the second half of the season, I was pretty much playing on a bum knee," Holt said.

    Even so, he finished tied for third in the NFL in receptions (102) and sixth in reception yards (1,331).

    "I'm trying to avoid surgery if I can," Holt said. "Right now, it feels good. I have no discomfort. There's no clicking."

    With or without surgery, Holt will be ready for the 2006 season and is looking forward to working with new head coach Scott Linehan.

    "All I've been hearing is great things about him," Holt said.

    Linehan left Holt a phone message a few days ago, but Holt hasn't had a chance to get back to him.

    "But the message he left was upbeat, very spirited," Holt said. "He's looking forward to picking our brains and helping us."

    Holt said he wasn't necessarily surprised that the Rams hired an offense-minded head coach.

    "I was hoping that they would hire the best guy for the job, whether it was offense or defense," Holt said. "I think everybody got caught up in hoping they would hire a defensive guy because everybody wants to see our defense be better. But to me, as long as it's the best guy for the job, who's going to get us headed back in the right direction and get us back to prominence - he could be a special-teams guy."

    For Holt, the 2006 season will be his first in the NFL without Mike Martz around as his head coach or offensive coordinator. And make no mistake, Martz will be missed.

    "It's unfortunate that things ended the way they did for Coach Martz," Holt said. "But I can say this: I'm excited that he has his health now."

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    Re: Holt: mild-mannered reporter

    Thanks for the article man!

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    Re: Holt: mild-mannered reporter

    Well here he Is good stuff again "RW" I saw the Torry their and he was funny the way he came across with his questions and he was having some fun lots of it ... even when the hawks came out ... when a player mentioned that we beat the rams twice this year he was being nice but you could see he really did not like that it was clear to me at least (only my Opinion) ..

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    Hodgins Guest

    Re: Holt: mild-mannered reporter

    I thought he was hilarious, making what must've been a pretty boring day for the players a little more light and fun

    my favourite part was when he won the ET award for worst dressed reporter (he was in his sweats, lol)

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    Re: Holt: mild-mannered reporter

    hes better than michael irvin, when hes done playing espn will take him in a minute, in fact i think hes better than steve young.

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    Re: Holt: mild-mannered reporter

    Thought he did well. Thought Hasselbeck was fairly graceless though....................


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