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    Holt pretends he's a rookie again

    By Jim Thomas
    Saturday, Jul. 29 2006

    As he enters his eighth NFL season, Torry Holt says nothing has changed about
    his approach to training camp. He still dislikes it.

    "I've never been a big fan of training camp," Holt said. "And I'm still not a
    big fan of training camp."

    But the five-time Pro Bowler concedes this year is a little different.

    "It's like my rookie year again," Holt said Friday. "I'm just trying to replay
    how it was my rookie season. Coach (Scott Linehan) talks about this being a new
    era, being a new football team, a new philosophy, a new way of doing things.

    "So I'm trying to rewind myself back to seven years, trying to refresh myself
    and get ready to go out here and compete every day, and try to make this squad."

    Make the squad? "That's the approach I take every single year - to
    come out and try to earn myself a spot on this football team," Holt said. "I've
    just in some ways always said it's never guaranteed. I know I'm going to be
    around here ... but I try to give myself something to fight for.

    "I always try to motivate myself in some way. And that's one of the ways, to
    say, 'Hey, Torry. You've got to go out and make the team this year if you want
    to play football.'"

    Well, best of luck with that.

    "Thanks," Holt said, laughing.

    Let's go out on a limb and predict that Holt will land a spot on the Rams'
    final 53-man roster in September.

    Holt's approach at age 30 shows that Holt still has a hunger for the game. As
    part of the dwindling core of Super Bowl XXXIV and XXXVI veterans on the Rams'
    squad, it's also an indication that he's willing to work with the new head

    "It's an ongoing learning experience," Holt said. "Every day we're learning
    something new about him, or he's learning something new about us. The one thing
    I like about Coach Linehan, which I think is a tremendous compliment to him, is
    he's open for advice. He's open to new things. He's always asking us questions."

    That approach has led to a relaxed, relatively stress-free approach to football
    at Rams Park, something that wasn't always the case under Mike Martz,
    especially in the final year or two of Martz's tenure.

    "We're all easy," Holt said. "Nobody's uptight. We're all taking it in stride,
    and I think we're improving."

    The fact that Linehan doesn't act like he has all the answers may help him win
    over the veterans on the team.

    "He's allowing us as players - the older players - to also be coaches, too,"
    Holt said. "Also allowing us to motivate. He's allowing us to break the huddle
    down. Guys are able to ask questions right at the point. And he'll stop what
    he's doing to answer it. If he doesn't have the answer right then, he'll get
    back to you. ... This attitude, this approach, as of now it's working. And
    everything's fine."

    Everything appears to be fine with Holt's right knee as well. Holt missed two
    games last October with what was originally diagnosed as a bruised right knee.
    Turns out he had cartilage and ligament damage in the knee, but was able to
    avoid offseason surgery.

    "I just rest it," Holt said. "I did a lot of, I guess, calisthenics and weight
    lifting, and a lot of pool work in the offseason. I've just been fortunate. I
    haven't had any discomfort. Any clicking. I constantly got the knee checked.

    "I've just got to continue to ice it. It's probably going to be a little sore
    as we go through these two-a-days, because of the grind of two-a-days. But for
    the most part I feel good. I still have my quickness. I'm still able to run and
    get in and out of my breaks."

    And he's still hopeful, as always, of nailing down a roster spot.

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    Re: Holt pretends he's a rookie again

    (quote)"So I'm trying to rewind myself back to seven years, trying to refresh myself
    and get ready to go out here and compete every day, and try to make this squad."

    That is what makes him so great not taking anything for granted.

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    Re: Holt pretends he's a rookie again

    Holt is such a great guy, I really like everything he says, he's a very cool guy and I like his attitude towards...well everything. He really seems like a humble guy too, very smart, knows how to talk to people, and is of the best receivers in the NFL. That's always a plus in my book hahaha
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: Holt pretends he's a rookie again


    Just changed my mood from Bruce to Holt over this post. I love everything that comes out of this guy's mouth and his effort on the field. The only reason that he has surpassed Bruce is that he's younger, stronger and faster, but has all the discipline, drive, and character that Bruce has. Don't get me wrong, Bruce will always have a soft spot in my heart. He's the only "Anaheim" Ram left on the team. Always a class act and one of the best of all time at his position. Times a change...the torch has been passed. We are truly blessed to have these men on our team!
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    Re: Holt pretends he's a rookie again

    This guy has what no other star WR in the NFL has. Class. He doesn't storm into training camp and demand more money because he's the best in the leauge. He doesn't argue with Marc Bulger becuase he doesn't get the ball thrown to him all the time. He doesn't go out and start a war with the media. He is a down to earth classy guy. I would take 53 of these type of guys on my team than have 1 T.O. on my team.

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    Re: Holt pretends he's a rookie again

    i hope st. louis understands what they have with bruce and holt.these 2 guys are all class on and off the field,there work ethic is second to none on the field and there charity work off the field is also awesome.they are a great tribute to the rams and the city of st. louis.i hope neither one of them ever plays a down for another team.


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