As I have posted many times before, a win is a win no matter how ugly or however they win, I will take the win.

Truth be told, I loved watching our team play offense when MM was on the staff. Now, that we have seen the same ol' shame ol' during the preseason and now yesterday, do any of you MM haters admit for a period before the last second expired that you either cursed the playcalling or wished that MM was here in a OC type capacity?

A brilliant defensive performance was wasted by a myopic play calling nerd. I am not asking for GSOT2 but with our existing components one would think a TD or 2 with the awesome field position supplied by the "D" should have been par for the course. What troubled me during the pre-games came to reality yesterday.

Is there anything wrong keeping a portion of the MM playbook as it was successful and creative? I think I saw very few pass plays on 1st or second downs.

A brilliantly executed and coached Defense with a barely ho-hum game plan for the O. Corps. Bulger was off but so was the playcalling. I guess SJ does not get that 37 yd run unless he gets his number called often or unless there was a balanced run/pass plays from the booth, etc.

New offense or not, other than our o-line protection and health and a decent qb in the game like Bulger and improved play and blocking from our tightends there was not much to $%% with. I guess no one here went to the Saints dolphins (Coach Linehan) game last year as it was just a bit more boring than this one was. Do not forget about the 2004 Vikings O either as it was another yawner.

We have the talent, let's hope our new man in charge utilizes it. I do not think our D can carry this team all year long but the way we played on offense, new or not, they may just have to do it!:x