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    GSOT Guest


    IF this season goes as bad as I think it will... and we end up with the number 1 pick.. and Tebow declares.. I would be upset if we didn't look towards the future at qb and take him, it's about time we have qb we can avoid a rush and make plays on his own. I think Bulger is actually a pretty good qb he just can't be a good one with the Rams who haven't been able to protect a pocket passer in 5 years...

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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: Honestly..

    I actually thought about that myself. If we get the first pick, Tebow should be the first on our draft board. Second round should be a defensive end. Third round a defensive back.

    I'm not giving up on Bulger. I don't blame Bulger for yesterday's performance. He wasn't getting protected, and he was facing one of the better secondaries. It would be tough for any quarterback to play behind our line and against our opponent. But Bulger is up there in age, so a new QB won't be a bad idea at all. Still, I'm not giving up on Bulger. He's our leader for a reason.

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    GSOT Guest

    Re: Honestly..

    I agree not giving up.. but you have to look tot he future at some point and Tebow can also play other positions other than QB untill he becomes the starter.

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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: Honestly..

    Quote Originally Posted by GSOT View Post
    I agree not giving up.. but you have to look tot he future at some point and Tebow can also play other positions other than QB untill he becomes the starter.
    Well, you shouldn't do that with Tebow. Especially if he's the QB of the future. You should let him learn under Bulger (who still has it, I trust him enough). Once Bulger retires, we would have Tebow who has learned under Bulger ready.

    You want him to focus on his primary position, especially the QB spot.

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    GSOT Guest

    Re: Honestly..

    Agreed, I just ment in situations IE goal line like he does in college just running up the middle or piching it to a rb. That play is really hard to contain with Tebow because you can't focus on outside or middle. Just saying he wouldnt be useless his rookie year.

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    Re: Honestly..

    Ah yes, Tim Tebow.

    Is he Vince Young or Alex Smith or something completely different? However it shakes out, I bet Tebow will be the single most debated prospect to come along since Vick.

    Is he a top tier prospect? I don't know, but I will say this.....his style will HAVE to evolve. An option QB that runs over defenders simply won't fly in the NFL. Those Sunday DL's run like Saturday LB's, and the Sunday DB's hit like Saturday LB's.

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    Re: Honestly..

    First, I hope we won't have the 1st pick the next year and if we have this pick I hope this is not for Tebow. I prefer Michael Oher hands down. Even if the game was ugly I hope Rams players are proud enough to stop playing peewee football.
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    Re: Honestly..

    Does Tebow have the arm strength and requisite accuracy to play NFL quality QB? After watching Vick flameout and Vince Young looking less-than-impressive I'm wondering if Tebow would just be another in a long line of "athletes" that can't play QB in the NFL.


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    Re: Honestly..

    I am not sold on Tebow whatsoever. I agree with Ramarkable, I don't think he'll do well in this league. And we need OL in our early rounds. If we're going to be smart (assuming this season is already shot to hell), we get a new head coach and with the first pick of the draft, we trade up for OL and get a bunch of 2nd/3rd round picks. We don't need to get a new QB just yet...

    EDIT: And acquire damn good, well known FA's...that are young and have their best years ahead of them.
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    onslaught11 Guest

    Re: Honestly..

    I think most dynasty has the following components that made a dynasty in the first place. They are (in order of importance):

    1. A HOF QB (e.g. Bradshaw, Montana, Aikman)
    2. A HOF or close to HOF RB (e.g. Roger Craig, Emmit Smith, Franco Harris)
    3. A HOF WR ( Swann, Rice, Irvin)
    4. A HOF or very cohesive LB corp (Pitt - The Jacks; Dallas and SF had decent LB who works as a cohesive unit)
    5. One of the DB is HOF or many time Pro Bowler ( Ronnie Lott, Mel Blount, Darren Woodson)
    6. Cohesive OL ( some of them had HOF lineman but many of them seems to play well together.)
    7. A decent DL. (Pitt had the steel curtain but Dallas and SF has DL who knows their position and perform their task well).
    8. A FB who can block ( Rathman, Blier, Johnston)
    9. A decent 2nd WR ( Stallworth, Taylor, Harper)

    ** A HOF coach. ** This I am not sure where to put but it belongs in their

    I don't see the Rams having many or any pieces of this. I really think they should blow the whole thing up and start from scratch.
    Bulger - not ever going to be that HOF QB.
    Holt - He could go into the HOF but he is too old to build a dynasty with him.
    Pace - His career is winding down.
    Jackson - He might be the HOF RB we need.
    DB - I don't see a HOF from anyone of the DBs we have.
    LB - Not a very cohesive unit
    DL - I see potential we can build on.
    FB - A joke.


    Now for the draft. Great teams are built through the draft. I don't see Tebow as a great QB in the NFL. He seems a gimmicky QB and that is not going to work in the NFL. There don't seem to be a Peyton Manning coming out in this draft.

    I say to get the biggest bang for the buck and at the same time the safest pick would be either to get a LT or a LB. Start rebuilding from there.

    LT - Oher, Monroe, Smith
    LB - Malauga, Selvie, Cushing

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