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    Hopefully our carriage won't turn into a pumpkin

    This article also mentioned the Bills as another Cinderella team- who have a shot, but also the Cardinals, so who knows?

    These 3 teams might wear slippers

    Rams, Cardinals, Bills are best bets to have Cinderella seasons

    Every year, some teams exceed expectations and surprise even those who are paying close attention.
    Last year, it was the Browns who wore the Cinderella slippers. This year, the most logical candidates are the Cardinals, Rams and Bills. Here is a look at each team.

    This is a team that could benefit from playing in the NFC West. The Rams also should be a healthier team in 2008. Last year their starters lost 71 games to injury. Their offensive line was particularly decimated. Only six Rams started all 16 games, an indication of how injury took its toll.

    In a Chicago Tribune survey of how each team fared in offseason veteran acquisitions and departures, the Rams did well, finishing tied for fifth place in the league. The survey was based on the color-coded ratings of one team and assigned points for each color. Points were given to teams for additions and subtracted for losses. The Rams didn't lose any player with a "red" rating, which indicates a solid starter. They added a "red plus" player in kicker Josh Brown and a "red" player in guard Jacob Bell, among others.

    The perception in St. Louis is Scott Linehan needs to win to survive, so the Rams will be doing everything possible to win now. However, it might take awhile for the offense to come around in the first year of Al Saunders' new offense.

    Ask the Expert: These 3 might wear slippers - NFL -

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    Re: Hopefully our carriage won't turn into a pumpkin

    Bruce and Money are two players...

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    Re: Hopefully our carriage won't turn into a pumpkin

    Wilkins was not a legitimate starter for this season. He had some medical issues that forced the end of his career.

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