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    Horned Legends...Rams Pride

    It has been a tough year so far for us Rams fans, snakebit by injuries and struggling after only three weeks of what some of us believed was going to be a pretty good season for our Rams. Well just over 12 hours from now our football team will take the field as huge underdogs to the cowboys and i am just as excited for the game to get here as i would be if they were 3-0 I love football and i love the Rams. They are my team win or lose and they are your team too. I have been fortunate enough to see many legendary players wear the legendary horns, i have read about many great players and teams of this Legendary franchise who played before my time. I dont have a link for this but it was in the sept 17th USA Today that with 2 more wins the Rams will win the 500th game in franchise history and will be the 6th team in NFL history to achieve such a milestone. So this season may not be as successfull as some of us had hoped & believed and it may even get worse before it gets better but Sunday without fail and for at least 13 weeks more i will don my jersey and follow my Rams and wait to see Horned Legends be born and do it with Rams Pride!!! Be Proud Rams fans our team is one of the most Legendary and Successfull Teams in NFL history and this season may not be great but there will be great seasons yet to come. GO RAMS!!!!!!!! :r

    Chicago Bears W-671 L-484 T-42 PCT-.579
    Green Bay Packers W-627 L-500 T-36 PCT-.554
    New York Giants W-597 L-502 T-33 PCT-.542
    Washington Redskins W-521 L-480 T-27 PCT .520
    Pittsburgh Steelers W-501 L-478 T-20 PCT .511
    St.Louis Rams W-498 L-445 T-20 PCT .529 :l

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    Re: Horned Legends...Rams Pride

    Here's to win No.499, and let there be more than that, including some more Lombardi Trophies.

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