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    Horrible Broadcast

    With the horrible commentary and the even worse camera view, I'd think this is a high school game. I can't even see what's going on. What gives?

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    Re: Horrible Broadcast

    it was beyond pathetic commentating.

    i heard them say jamie duncan was in on a tackle.

    then the commentator wondered why mike furrey didn't step out of bounds on a kick off return.

    those are just a couple of the major blunders by the commentators.

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    tim Guest

    Re: Horrible Broadcast

    hah, i'm almost glad i'm in KC and can't see it. is it on UPN? last preseason they sucked it up.

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    general counsel Guest

    Re: Horrible Broadcast

    I agree that the broadcast angles and the commentary was a debacle. They kept saying Gordon on another carry when it was harris. I too caught the comment on the tackle by jamie duncan, which you had to know was a morons comment since even when duncan was on the team he never tackled anything that was physically moving.

    Actually, it was too different sets of announcers. the first half was the raiders feed, and they kept cutting away from the offense to interview raiders. The second half was the rams guys, and thats where the awful camera work took over.

    ramming speed to all, bring on the cardinals

    general counsel

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    Re: Horrible Broadcast

    its ok dont feel bad here in los angeles we actually had the rams game on two channels channel 5 (im in the broadcast industry and im shure they dont know what they were doing, the phaseing out of the video meant they had some defective items they didnt bother to replace...probably some archaic junk they found in there basement-thank god they dont do it for the real season) and on channel 9 also known as faider central...i swithced to channel nine because it had a much better video feed and during the huge sack all they were doing was talking to one raider after another and only showed the dam thing on replay...every time the readiers had the ball they couldnt take the picture off the field but once the rams took over they started doing interviews of raiders like it was a talk show....

    all in all the rams played a decent game...let just hopw the defence starts to gell a bit more...and we would be fine.. at least the channel 5 commentary said we would finish around 11-5 not the usually dour 8-8 or 9-7 routine.

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    Re: Horrible Broadcast

    I saw the game on KTLA and one of the announcers was Vince Ferragamo, don't know the other guy. The broadcast was pretty bad all around (announcing and cameras). They've been broadcasting Rams pre-season games for a while now. I guess something is better than nothing.

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    theodus69 Guest

    Re: Horrible Broadcast

    hey it's their preseason also! but the upn broadcast first had me turn off the sound, then the Camera work caused me to watch forensics with my WIFE!!!!

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