What I see for Monday Night is a next-to impossible situation for the Rams:

A solid offense and a poor defense (Rams)
A great offense and a solid defense (Colts)

I say "solid defense" for the Colts just to be safe. Some would say that the 29 points we've given up in 5 games means that we're far better on defense than merely "solid," but I'll be conservative.


This game is not impossible for the Rams, just darn close.

In my humble estimation, the following must occur for the Rams to win:

1) The Rams must get ahead early and make the Colts come from behind. "Duh," you may say, but seriously, you can't play catch-up against the Colts. Our D is good enough to slow you down, and our running and short passing games are good enough to keep the clock running.

Furthermore, if you're behind, you must pass. Then Mr. Freeney comes to town. (FYI, Robert Mathis, our other speed rushing end has more sacks than Freeney). Getting yourselves into obvious passing situations is dangerous, because we have the best 4-man pass rush in the game. Bulger will have some passing yards, but they can't be in a comeback effort, or there's no hope.

2) Bring your defense up and force Peyton to beat you long. No one has done this yet, and Edge has eaten defenses alive. Everyone plays bump the WR's, then get BACK. No one seems to notice Peyton's problem of overthowing receivers on long routes. They see the Indy offense and the great WR's and think that you have to allow the short pass and the run to take away the deep ball. I'd send the house and make Peyton throw long. He can self-destruct.

3) Don't get forced into stupid turnovers. The Colts Defense is not the stiffling, pound you into the ground, iron monster that other successful defenses have been. The Colts have speed, and they force preventable turnovers. Take the sack, throw out of bounds, get down instead of risking a fumble. Our linebackers are STILL mediocre. Cato June has 2 INTS and 2 TD's. You can't tell me he's a Pro Bowler, but yet, offenses are making him look like he is. Granted, you have to take risks to beat a better team, but if Bulger can just get through the gae without throwing a stupid interception or putting the ball on the ground, he will GREATLY increase the Ram's chances.

4) Don't miss field goals. Enough Said.

5) Don't onside kick. The Titans and 49'ers thought this would be a good idea. It's not. All it does is tell your players, "Well boys, we have no chance of stopping them, so let's just throw in all our chips now and get out of here early."

6) Throw Deep. Particularly if one side of our secondary is Jason David and Mike Doss, we aren't a shut-down secondary. Why the hell haven't the 1st 5 teams thrown deep on these guys? Challenge them. They will screw up.

7) Go for it on 4th down. We're not a great 4th down defense. If it's 4th and inches, SNEAK. You'll get it, I guarantee. On 4th and short, you're better off going than giving the ball back to Peyton and friends. Field position is not all that important against this offense. They're gonna score, more than likely, regardless of where the drive starts.

That's about it. I hope we kill you, I hope it's not even a game, but I would empty my bank account on a bet that if you do end up winning, most, if not all, of my tips above will have been accomplished.

Good luck, and may no one be injured on either side.