Marshall Faulk is not happy... are you surprised?

He's a guy who was "the man" for years and now has to accept the failings of his aging and oft-repaired body, as a younger, healthier back takes his job. Obviously, he's not happy.

There might be tension between Faulk and Linehan... are you surprised?

Linehan is a new Coach who needs to earn the respect of his team. This puts him in an untenable position. He needs to give a certain amount of deference to a veteran leader like Faulk, but at the same time he knows that accommodating Marshall isn't what is best for the team. Obviously, he and Faulk aren't going to be on the same page.

Bernie's trying to make this another episode of "Days of Our Ram Lives"... are you surprised?

Innuendo... pot-stirring... negative reporting. Par for the course. Bernie won't be happy until he convinces as many people as possible that he was the first (if not the only) person who "broke" the story of Faulk's demise with the Rams. Are you kidding me? We all knew (though some didn't wish to believe) that the end wasn't far away. We've known it for two or three years. But Bernie will crow that he was the first to see the end coming. He also invented carbon based life forms.


My relocation has kept me away from the boards and will continue to keep me away for a while, but I don't think I've missed much. Let me make this perfectly clear:


The exact details ("how," "why" and "when") may be unknown (and we may never know all the facts), but the fact of Faulk's career winding down...

How can ayone be surprised?