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    How close are we to catching up with Seattle/staying ahead of Arizona?

    The overall question is how are we stacked up in the NFC West?

    Living here in Arizona, I noticed the Arizona Cardinals actually drafted well, they have been since Dennis Green has been head coach. They had Leinart fall to them, they picked up a strong guard in Deuce Letui from USC to bolster their blocking (MAJOR weakness last season) and they picked up a tight end that in my opinion is better than Klopfenstein in Leonard Pope.
    Plus some guy named Edgerrin James at running back to vastly improve their running game. Kendrick Clancy at D-T and Milford Brown at guard aren't too weak, either. Plus they have 2nd-year Cornerback Antrell Rolle coming back from an injury...I'm a journalist and I covered the Rams at Cardinals game--the one where Kurt Warner nearly led the team to a game-winning TD but was stopped on an illegal motion penalty during the game's last 10 seconds. Rolle was getting punked by Issac Bruce but he seemed decent anyhow.

    We had a great draft, Cardinals had a solid draft, even the Niners had a decent draft (Vernon Davis, Manny Lawson, etc.).

    Seattle could be on their way down, but they're still pretty strong. They got better at WR, a little down at Cornerback but they still have Shaun Alexander, who if he goes down w/ injury would be like Bulger going down for us. Hasselbeck's coming off a career year, he had a decent Super Bowl that w/out those penalties could've led to a SB MVP performance.

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    Re: How close are we to catching up with Seattle/staying ahead of Arizona?

    I've said it before, I don't think we're TOO far off from being an elite team again, and hopefully this draft in the next few years will prove my theory. I wish it could come sooner, and ya never know we could, I mean NO went what, 4-12? something like that? and their D was ranked 14th, and offense 20th, we were 9th offense, and 30th D, I mean, if our D improves a lot, imagine where we'd be at!
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    Re: How close are we to catching up with Seattle/staying ahead of Arizona?

    I said it before, I'll say it again.

    SF- 5-11
    'Zona- 7-9
    Seattle- 10-6
    Rams- 11-5

    Arizona is up-n-coming. Next year, they'll be at or better than the squawk's level. By 2008, they will be nipping at our heels. Before ya know it, we'll have a NEW NFL competition...."Battle of the Worst!", featuring Seattle, Houston, San Francisco, and New England!LOL LOL

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    Re: How close are we to catching up with Seattle/staying ahead of Arizona?

    If the majority of our players with big potential but yet to fully see it light up under linehan&haslett then i see the NFC west title coming home and a deep run into the play-offs but at this point there is still plenty of IFS!

    only time will tell!

    i certainly see Linehan taking us to the big show at least once in his hopefully long spell as our HC!

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    Re: How close are we to catching up with Seattle/staying ahead of Arizona?

    I think the division is going to be hard fought next year:

    The injury bug really got us last year, and the year before we owned the Hawks. I fully believe that our defense will look better than it has in years. We have added depth at every defensive position and brought in some very good players. We also brought in a defensive coordinator and system far and away better than what we had before...and no, I don't have to see it to know it's a better scheme; if we told all of our guys to go out there and improvise, it just might be an improvement over what they were doing under Marmie. Our offense is actually upgraded, too, with a better back-up QB, more line depth, and a threat or two at TE the defense has to respect. I don't see any reason to think we couldn't win the division next year, but you never know.

    I think Julian Peterson and Nate Burleson are the only off-season additions that really improve the Seahawks starting lineup, and Seattle will have to fill the hole left in Hutchison's wake. I think it would be hard to argue that Super Bowl loss hasn't been on their minds the last few months. They'll take a step back next year.

    Arizona had an excellent draft. I don't know how much of an impact their picks will make next year, but they were very solid choices. Getting Gabe Watson in the 4th for them was at least on par with us getting Wroten in the 3rd in terms of draft day steals. Jon Lewis could be another good DT for them, but DTs take time to develop. Unfortunately, Clancy and Dockett will make a nice pair up front while their picks are developing. Pope gives them another big target in the passing game. Edge and to a much lesser extent Lutui improve the ground game. I don't think their defense has improved enough for them to overtake us in the division, but they won't be far behind.

    The ***** will be in for another long year. Brandon Williams and Michael Robinson could just about be good enough to start at WR for them, and that's very sad. Vernon Davis will become Alex Smith's security blanket; I'd expect to see Smith going to him early and often. Gore needs to have a breakout year at RB if they're going to go anywhere at all. Larry Allen will help there. They lost two starting outside linebackers in free agency and drafted one replacement. Do the math. Personally, I don't think Lawson=Peterson anyway. I think the ***** are still the worst team in the league on paper.
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    Re: How close are we to catching up with Seattle/staying ahead of Arizona?

    Quote Originally Posted by Goldenfleece
    I think the ***** are still the worst team in the league on paper.

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    Re: How close are we to catching up with Seattle/staying ahead of Arizona?

    I believe we are pulled even with Seattle. Arizona will improve great the last five games of this year and will be a force in the division next year. The Whiners still have too many holes to fill, and their QB was greatly overated in last year's draft. He will fizzle and go the way of Ryan Leaf.


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