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    How do we fix it??

    Our team has some obvious needs this off season. The line, defense and special teams. How can we fix the problems with the limited cap space? We also have some free agents coming of our own. Do we let them go because of lack of production?

    As much as I hate to say this...Marmie isn't going any where. It is what I feared most of this team. Their defense is showing improvements in the closing part of the year, this will save Marmie's job. I do believe in my hear the Marmie was 85% of the problem this past season, and I do blame him for lack of production. It would be hard to see Polley and others go because of poor use of talent. We need a middle linebacker, and a new D-Coordinator and that's the facts.

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    Re: How do we fix it??

    True facts, yes sir.

    Marmie is largely responsible ... even though, as you said, the Rams defense has shown some sudden, hinting exceptions of strength in the last couple of weeks or so. I suppose our D would have to r-e-a-l-l-y display definite and convincing signs of improvement during ALL THREE of the remaining games in order to accept Larry Marmie as returning DC.

    TX put it nicely and succintly in another post when he said that the loss of MLB London Fletcher was the greatest negative impact our defense has suffered. Young Robert Thomas would thus and likewise have to make huge, consistent accomplishments to keep solidifying our group.


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