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    general counsel Guest

    How do you explain the point spread?

    I agree with those who believe we have a great shot to win this game. How do you explain the 7 point spread? 4 for home field and 3 for the bye week?

    general counsel

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    psycho9985 Guest

    Re: How do you explain the point spread?

    No 7 pts because thats what the media wants.

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    Re: How do you explain the point spread?

    I'm sure some of it has to do with Week Two as well.
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    daredevil25 Guest

    Re: How do you explain the point spread?

    Depends on how Vegas sees it. Sometimes Vegas does illustrate a little favor to one team by putting them in an unfavorable position for betters (like giving a running team a double digit spread) and such. I think people look at the game in Week 2 then compare to now (since the Falcons are at home they get 3 points) and add in how the Rams have been playing. Personally I think -7 is just about right, maybe +2.5 would be a little better for some? Then again, I'm not too good with Vegas #'s
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    Re: How do you explain the point spread?

    Seven points? No way.
    At least it's not something like 7 1/2. I never have figured out how that 1/2 point that when the ball gets kicked so hard on the PAT that it splits and one half goes thru the uprights, but the other half doesn't?
    Seriously, I think the media is going to be in for a surprise. The Rams are the most dangerous team out there right now...dangerous because we aren't sure what will happen.
    I say Rams will do it by 3.....

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    WILLN107 Guest

    Re: How do you explain the point spread?

    If I remember right they set the spread at what the betting does. The Falcon are -7 so when everyone bets and alot more bet on the Rams they will adjust to spread down to maybe a -3 or -2 1/2 so people will start betting on the Falcons. Or if everyone bets on the Falcons they will raise the spread up to -10 to get people to bet on the Rams. They give the 1/2 points so their is a winner instead of a push.

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    theodus69 Guest

    Re: How do you explain the point spread?

    Gotta like these odds. Seems the Rams play better with their backs against the wall! :mask:


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