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    How do you spell "AGGRAVATION"?!

    I had such a great time at the BASH & game last year that I was all fired up about the 2009 edition. As always the BASH was awesome and being with the CLAN watching the game live is priceless. What a wonderful group we have.

    So what's with the "AGGRAVATION" you ask?

    1. My wife and I walk into Jake's Steaks for the BASH only to be booed by a table of ....((remembering the clan rules) Packer fans! My only response to them was that they are in St. Louis not Green Bay so relax.

    2. Our hotel was infested with Cheeseheads!

    3. During the party outside the Dome Sunday Morning the band that was playing started throwing out free souvenirs. I was lucky enough to intercept one. It was a "Green & Yellow" wrist band!!! What? I gave that stupid thing away, pronto!

    4. The Dome itself had approx. 50% RAMS fans and 50% Packer fans. I may be off a bit with my percentages but it sure seemed like there were as many of them as there were of us.

    5. Then after the game a bunch of us decide to meet at BIG DADDY's for dinner.
    I took a stroll to the back of the restaurant/bar to use the facilities only find the place infested with cheeseheads. I remember thinking to myself why don't these people just go the freak home?!

    To sum up my "AGGRAVATION". Our RAMS are for sale and this was the opening game of the season. New team, tons of money spent on the DOME to make it a more enjoyable fan experience. The game was a sellout but not soldout to RAMS fans! St. Louis is a baseball town there is no denying that.
    The handwriting is on the wall folks. We won't be in St. Louis in the near future. I don't know where we will end up but it won't be St. Louis.

    slowly cooling off.......

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    Re: How do you spell "AGGRAVATION"?!

    maybe considering the number of modern day cannibals that have been caught in Wisconsin..they were booing the fact that the steaks were made of beef...

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    Re: How do you spell "AGGRAVATION"?!

    It can be a football town as well, but the team needs to not look like crap (let's face it, we look terrible.) for that to happen. This year is better than last year but alot of people are still feeling like it's more of the same because it's more *losing* and not winning. Remember when the Rams were winning? Remember how difficult it was for other teams to play here? Don't tell me that can't happen again. It's just going to require a team that isn't rebuilding.

    Let's not forget the baseball Cardinals have been here for an extremely long time, the Rams have not. A tradition of winning and being a competetive team needs more than four years to build. It amazes me that some people think you can have a tradition of tons of loyal fans no matter the condition of the team after just a little over ten years.

    And by the way, lack of support and a team for sale does not translate into a team that's moving. Sometimes it does but not always. Otherwise alot of teams in the NFL would be moving.

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    Re: How do you spell "AGGRAVATION"?!

    St. Louis fans supported the team every year until Scott Linehan took over. They're just tired of losing.

    I agree with you though, I don't see the Rams staying in St. Louis either.

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    Re: How do you spell "AGGRAVATION"?!

    Las Vegas Rams.. lol

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    Re: How do you spell "AGGRAVATION"?!

    Quote Originally Posted by btimsah View Post
    Las Vegas Rams.. lol
    SJ would be thrilled.
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: How do you spell "AGGRAVATION"?!

    After turmoil in the FO since Martz last few years and 13 straight losses without being competitive. I wonder why fans are not showing up during a recession to watch their team get their brains beat out while worrying about being laid off? St. Louis has been hit hard economically since the Rams arrived. With three automotive plants (2 Chrysler, 1 Ford) closing and the only one left (GM) temporarily laying off employees and idled the plant several times. Anheuser Busch just laid off a good percentage of their St. Louis employees. If they put a .500 team back on the field the fans will return even in these down trodden times.
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    Talking Re: How do you spell "AGGRAVATION"?!

    Quote Originally Posted by btimsah View Post
    Las Vegas Rams.. lol
    Let's make this happen.

    Kidding, kidding

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