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    How Does It Feel ?

    SO how bad does it feel to be a Rams fan today ? To have followed this off-season and gone to Philadelphia with high hopes?

    To me it's like you get talked into buying a new car. You have an older car of the same make that has been a real lemon, but you go ahead and buy a new one because they have a totally retooled factory in Wisconsin and a bunch of new engineers and workers to fix all the previous models issues.

    Then you drive your new car out of the factory, and the brakes fail, the wheels fall off, the radio shoots out sparks, the air bag goes off all by itself, the seat falls backwards and a fire under the hood consumes the entire car into a pile of ashes, and you barely escape with your life, left standing there in tattered, smoking rags in the middle of nowhere.

    But hey, with the new car in ashes, a broken dream, feeling cheated, you still have your old lemon to drive on a rough, windy, treacherous road the next two months.

    Barry Waller

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    Re: How Does It Feel ?

    Yeah, that's about how it feels.

    And I doubt there is any chance of a refund.

    Gas up the old lemon and pour in a quart of oil for next Sunday.

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    Re: How Does It Feel ?

    She sure does feel like a lemon.

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    Re: How Does It Feel ?

    It actually feel good to be Rams fan today and every day for that matter. Has anyone considered the alternative?

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