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Thread: How I feel right now...

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    Re: How I feel right now...

    Quote Originally Posted by NJ Ramsfan1 View Post
    Here we go. Another thread derailed into a negative commentary on Bradford.

    Anyone who didn't see personal improvement this season is either blind or has an ax to grind. The guy could've thrown 20 TDs and 2 picks and you'd still have people proclaiming he 'sucks".

    And anyone who feels "it doesn't really matter who we plug in at QB in our offense" simply doesn't understand the sport of football.

    Sam Bradford- warts and all- gives us our best chance to win football games. It's really pretty simple.
    NJ it took me awhile to understand that some Rams fans just don't want Bradford as their QB. His numbers can be great or steadily improving and it does not matter. That group of fans only sees what they want to see. You would think after Monday nights game fans would appreciate Sam a little more.

    Bradford to me will always be somewhat like Donovan McNabb. He could rewrite the Rams record books as a QB if he;s here long enough and he still will not be like by a part of the fan base, I never understood the Donovan McNabb haters and I don't understand the Bradford hater.

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    Re: How I feel right now...

    This thread has been hopelessly derailed.

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