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    Re: How long before Bulger is replaced?

    Quote Originally Posted by jkramsfan
    Gap, I Am A Big Bulger Supporter, Took Awhile But I Really Believe This Guy Can Help Us Win, You Do Make Some Valid Points, Last Week These Same Guys Who Are Making Excuses For Bulger "it Was The Line Fault" Or He Was Trying To Get A First Down Should Look Back And See How They Trashed Warner For Fumbling,martz Wont Switch But Your Right He Is Much More Forgiving With Bulger Than He Was With Warner.bulger Is A Perfect Fit For This System.
    Thanks for expressing that about the Warner trashing, jk !!

    You know, Warner is long gone now and yet I could not help but get the impression that there are those who feel the need to be ingrates about what he accomplished with the Rams and trash him to somehow vindicate Bulger.

    I can certainly understand how some members get the impression that Bulger is beyond even fair criticism.

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    Re: How long before Bulger is replaced?

    I don't know if MB prays to the same guy as KW or has some other higher power he looks up to
    For the record, Bulger is Roman Catholic and Warner is Protestant, so yea, technically, I think they are praying to the same God..........since you asked.

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