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    bigtiger737 Guest

    How long do we give coach???

    I'm just asking, I live in MI and don't get to see the games but it sounds like scott is killing us! How long should we give this coach before we admit it was a mistake?? or is it even the coaching what do you duys think??

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    jkramsfan Guest

    Re: How long do we give coach???

    thats a loaded question, its not just the coach,but it starts with him, his play calling is horrible,at least when Martz was throwing the ball 40 times a game he was calling plays that had bulger throwing the ball down the field, not this 3 and 4 yard crap,if your going to do that give it to Jackson and he will pick up 5 yards a carry.

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    SFCRamFan Guest

    Re: How long do we give coach???

    As much as it pains me (as I feel currently), I think that Linescam should get two seasons to see if he can improve. However, I would make him fire his offensive staff and be forced to choose others with the front office's help next year.


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