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    How much better I will Marc be...

    How much better will Marc be with a good running game? I love Marshal, live in Cali, watched him at San Diego and could not believe we got him for next to nothing and he has been a Hugh part of our success. But he like most Rb they seem hit the wall at age 30 and start to drop off. Our running game has been weak for the last couple of years or so, that being said with Jackson coming in to add a big punch to the ground attack. How much will Marc reap the benefits from a power back like Jackson when he starts pounding 4-5 yards a clip? I canít thing of one year that Marc has had a good running game to keep the defense honest or make them to stop the run first and the pass second. I think with Jackson running the rock, Marc will pick defenses apart, second down and 4 piece of cake!!!

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    Re: How much better I will Marc be...

    All depends on the offensive line.Just got reports today that we're in trouble.

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    Re: How much better I will Marc be...

    It always seems to rest with the OL nothing changes


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