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    How the Rams won / The Report Card

    The Comeback: How the Rams won
    Monday, Oct. 11 2004

    The Rams rallied to force overtime and steal the victory by scoring on four
    successive possessions. Here's how they did it:

    DRIVE 1
    (trailing 27-10, 8:42 remaining)

    Key plays: Marc Bulger connected on two third downs, hitting Isaac
    Bruce on third and 13 and Shaun McDonald on third and 8.
    Drive stats: 8 plays, 66 yards, 3:08.
    Touchdown: Brandon Manumaleuna, 8-yard pass from Bulger.
    Seattle response: three plays, punt.

    DRIVE 2
    (trailing 27-17, 3:37 remaining)

    Drive stats: 1 play, 41 yards, 0:07.
    Touchdown: Kevin Curtis 41-yard pass from Bulger.
    Seattle response: four plays, punt.

    DRIVE 3
    (trailing 27-24, 1:14 remaining)

    Key play: Bulger hits Bruce for 27 yards on second and 10 from Rams
    36, then completes 16-yard pass to Dane Looker on third and 7 from Seahawks 34.
    Drive stats: 6 plays, 46 yards, 1:06.
    Field goal: Jeff Wilkins from 36 yards.
    Seattle response: knelt down to send game to overtime

    DRIVE 4
    (27-27 tie, Rams win flip and get the ball in overtime)

    Key play: Bulger connects with Torry Holt for 13 yards on third and
    6 from the Rams 33.
    Drive stats: 6 plays, 71 yards, 3:02.
    Touchdown: McDonald 52-yard pass from Bulger.


    Rams-Seahawks Report Card

    Sunday, Oct. 10 2004

    Quarterback: B
    Chalk one up to persistence. After his third interception, Bulger was 10 for 15
    for 202 yards with 3 TDs.

    Running backs: B-
    Jackson's 48-yard ramble set up Rams' 1st TD; Faulk's numbers weren't glossy
    but kept Seattle honest.

    Receivers: A
    Bruce and Holt earned every yard; but it was McDonald, Curtis, Manumaleuna and
    Looker who made the difference.

    Offensive line: B
    Stayed with it against aggressive Seattle defense and found a way to slow pass
    rush down the stretch.

    Defensive line: C
    Couldn't slow Shaun Alexander and the run; got to Hasselbeck only once although
    it was a big sack.

    Linebackers: C-
    Run support wasn't always there; only so-so in coverage against Seahawks TEs
    and RBs.

    Secondary: C-
    Coady struggled in coverage on 2 Seattle TDs; corners did decent job on Jackson
    and Robinson.

    Special teams: B+
    A clutch FG by Wilkins, steady punting by Landeta, good coverage units, and a
    clutch punt return by McDonald.

    Coaching: A
    Give Martz credit for not panicking despite deficit, and Marmie credit for
    adjusting in second half.

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    Re: How the Rams won / The Report Card


    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey

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    Re: How the Rams won / The Report Card

    I think what is missing from this "report card" is the fact Martz finally wised-up and used the run (even though it wasn't dominating) to soften up the D. That allowed the WRs to get open in the secondary.

    Martz HAS TO realize that you don't always have to average 5 yards per carry for the running game to be affective.

    Congrats to Martz for finally starting to notice. If he can continue to operate this way, the RAMS WILL BE successful.

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