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    The hurry up offense

    Wouldn't Mike Martz be proud of the fact that the Rams players can actually run the hurry up offense, without him having to be on the sidelines and calling timeout to make sure everything is hunkydory?

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    Re: The hurry up offense

    The lack of urgency by the Rams in any type of hurry up situation has always driven me crazy. The play calling never seemed to be organized well for rapid fire execution. In fact, just as much time usually ticked off the clock as a routinely called play, the only difference being no huddle. I don't know how many times I've seen a frustrated Marc Bulger, ready to go, looking at the sidelines with his hands up in the air waiting on the play to be called. Hopefully, we'll continue to see improvement and efficiency in running the hurry up offense.

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    Re: The hurry up offense

    Our Oline already gets tired easy. lol we need to give them a 20sec break lol


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