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    Karl-Baker Guest

    Hypothetical Question....

    I'd Like To Ask All RAM Fans A Question.

    It's A "Hypothetical Question" - And I Haven't Heard (or Read) Any Rumors About Anything....

    The Rams Pick 31st (Round 1) In This Year's Draft.

    The Texans Pick 1st - We All Know, They'll Select David Carr (QB - Frenso State) With That Selection.

    The Carolina Panthers Pick Second.

    They've Got A LONG WAY To Go, Before Becoming A Super Bowl Contender (Are We All Agreed On That ??).
    They've Got A New Head Coach, And He's Said - It's Going To Be A Long Hard Road To Rebuild That Franchise.

    So Here Is My Question:

    What Would It Take, For The Rams To Trade UP With The Panthers And SWAP Picks ????

    Remember - The Rams Have ZERO Cap Room In 2003.
    They Will Not Have Money To Sign A First Round Draft Pick.
    Also, If They Win The Super Bowl (This Year) - Their First Round Draft Choice In 2003 Will Be 32nd Overall.

    So - My Question.... What Would It Take To Swap With The Panthers ???

    PLEASE DON'T GIVE ME THE MIKE DITKA "The Whole Draft" Scenario. Mike Ditka Was An Idiot For Trading the Whole Draft For Ricky Williams.

    Also Remember, This Swap Will Not Involve A "Franchise QB" .
    (i.e.: Michael Vick, Ryan Leaf, Payton Manning).

    The Falcons Gave Up Last Year's 1st Rounder/This Year's First Rounder/ And A 3rd Round Pick For Swaping Picks With The Chargers - Last Year.

    So - What Do You Think It Would Take ????

    Please - I Haven't Heard Anything (Or Read Anything) To Suggest The Rams Are Planning On Doing This.
    So Don't Flood The Web With This (He, He - Although That Would Be Kind'of Funny).

    O.K. Rams Fans - Let Me Hear Your Opinion !!!!!

    Thanks In Advance,


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    I'm not sure even giving up what the Falcons gave up last year is worth trading up in this draft.

    Will the number two pick get the Rams a number 3 receiver?

    Will the number two pick get the Rams a replacement for Tucker?

    Will the number two pick get the Rams help in the secondary?

    I see your point with next year's salary cap, I'm just not convinced trading up in the draft will help when there are free agents the Rams can still go after (Green, Wilkins, Jones, Harris.)

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    Karl-Baker Guest


    Let Me Knock These Out One By One.

    The Agent For Rod Jones (Who Also Represents Adam Timmerman And Kurt Warner) Said, He Would RESTRUCTURE Those Two Players Contracts - This Year - To Get Rod Jones Signed With The Rams.
    O.K. Right Tackle - Taken Care Of.
    Backed Up By John St. Clair (Hannifan Said He's Ready). And, He's Getting Experience In The NFL Europe League This Season.

    Sign Walt Harris (Chicago - CB).
    The New DB's Coach For The Rams Is Close With The Guy, And They Can Work Something Out.
    J. Bulter, Improved "Leaps And Bounds" At The End of Last Season - So, We Have Back Up There As Well.

    Sign Ricky Proehl As Our Third Receiver This Year - He IS The BEST Option (He Knows The System, He Knows Mike Martz, And The Rams Can Use The 10 Year Veteran Rule With Him - It Saves The Rams Money).

    4th Receiver - The Draft....
    Mike Marzt Has Already Said, There Are Eight or Ten Receivers "He" Thinks Will Work For The Rams.

    There Is Also J. Green (Tampa Bay) Still Available For The 4th Receiver Slot.

    Next Year - The Rams (Have Already Said) They Want To Resign Orlando Pace, And Torry Holt. They Don't Have The Money In 2003 FOR ANYTHING.

    If We Sign A Player Now (In This Year's Draft), We Can Give Them Low Base Salaries To Help Us With The Cap Problem Next Year.

    To Answer My Original Question:
    I Was Thinking - Swap 1st Rounders This Year And Give Up A 3rd Round Pick In This Year's Draft (We Have Two in the 3rd Round).

    Then, Give Them the 1st Rounder In 2003 (We Don't Have Money For That Pick Anyway) And Maybe Another 3rd.

    So It Would Be A Four (4) For One (1) Swap.

    That's What I Was Thinking To Begin With.....
    But I Wanted Some Help.
    Maybe I'm A Little Off (Just A Tad...).

    Thanks For Your Response !!!!!


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    I hear Kurt Warner may restructure his contract this year. What do you think the odds would be Faulk will do the same next year? Is not next year when his contract really kicks in?

    What would the second pick in the draft cost the Rams in cap money?

    If the second pick means getting speed , Martz would love to do it.

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    Karl-Baker Guest



    I've Read, That Marshall Will (More Than Likely) Re-Work His Contract - During This Season.
    The Whole Thing, Is Mike Martz Asked Marshall Faulk - For His Opinion, Before Bringing In Cris Carter This Year.
    That Scored BIG Points With Marshall.
    His Contract Is 12 Million NEXT Year.
    Marshall Said He'd Re-Work It Down To 9 Million.
    So That Saves The Rams 3 Million !!!!!

    What Would It Cost ????
    God Only Knows !!!
    What Did Michael Vick Sign For Last Year ???
    20 Million Over Five Years (That's A Guess.) - Plus A 12 Million Signing Bonus.
    So, To Answer Your Question - Around 4 Million A Year. But If The Rams Are Smart, They Work The Numbers So The Cap Hit Won't Be That Large Next Year (You See - It Helps).

    Yes, Mike Martz Loves Speed (See Trung Canidate - 2000 Draft).
    But, I Was Thinking of Using The 2nd Pick on The Other Side of The Ball (For Lovie).

    Hope That Helps !!!!

    Thanks For The Response !!!!


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    sprtsmac Guest

    Question Interesting

    That is a interesting scenario and truthfully, I like it. If we were to do something like that we could go after somebody like Quentin Jammer. Just a thought on a person to use that pick for.

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    rams=nfl1 Guest
    Maybe we should take someone like Bryant McKinnie???? He's probably the BEST OT since Pace, coming out.

    Good idea!

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    rams=nfl1 Guest
    If we get McKInnie, Warner will throw for 4800 yards in 14 weeks, we will make thew best line even better.

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    Billwade9 Guest

    Backup Quarterback

    What the Rams need more than anything mentioned is a quarterback good enough to take up for Warner when he is either injured or the team is way ahead and he's about to be injured. I believe that a BIG reason for the Super Bowl loss was due to the belief that if Warner were EVER taken out of the game, no matter what the lead was, that the outcome come could still be in doubt. That's what happened against Green Bay and even Indianapolis before that. The Rams had huge leads and Warner and Faulk were left in the game. By the time they got to the NFC Championship game against a tough Eagles team, they were already beat up. When they got to New Orleans, they were on the ropes.

    I know that the word is that Warner and Faulk insist on staying in the game, but who's coaching that team? The players or Martz? Canidate is an excellent short term replacement for Faulk, but no one knows what would happen if Warner had to be replaced. The whole season rides on his shoulders (and hand, and thumb and throat and foot and legs). Martin and Bulger are unknowns and apparently the Rams intend to keep it that way. We've got a great team and we even have depth. Except at QB. Trent Green is gone and Trent Dilfer is no longer available. But there are other QBs of that caliber and the Rams need to sign one as a strong backup if this team is to last. But the rams need someone of that caliber on the bench to back up Warner, or the Rams are just one tackle or (cheap shot) away from disaster.

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