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    I am not convinced it was Martz any more

    I am starting to realize just how much talent that was/is on this team. I often thought it was Martz and his brilliant play calling. But this team is starting to show me different. I believe Martz just used the talent he had around him. Martz was given very much the same scenario in Detroit as he was given when he came to St. Louis, and he has produced an average offense in Detroit, perhaps no better than they were before he came. Linehan has installed a new offense in St. Louis and for the most part this team hasn't missed a beat. They are still putting up good numbers and are starting to learn the new concept.

    As much as I believe the coach's x's and o's are important, I now believe that the talent this team has is huge, and I am not only excited for this season but what is to come.

    Under the same note. I really tells me how many drafts have been screwed up the past 6 years under the old regime.

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    Re: I am not convinced it was Martz any more

    Martz did what he could with the Rams, because of the talent. Don't get me wrong, the man is a genius, but the types of things he did with the Rams, can ONLY be with the Rams because of that talent he had there.
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    Re: I am not convinced it was Martz any more

    Doesn't the coach get any credit for developing that talent, and putting together game plans that score, etc? Don't sell Martz short. I think Martz deserves a lot of credit for his O, while he earned a lot of criticism for bringing in Marmie.

    And JRams, I think you are wrong in thinking that Detroit's O is the same as before. Many think their O has done much better than expected, all with a washed up QB, and underperforming 1st pick WRs, while Detroit's D, once very reliable, has failed them.


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